7 Incredible Personality Traits That Make People More Attractive

7 Incredible Personality Traits That Make People More Attractive

If you think that good looks is only what matters, you are mistaken!

The kind of people we are genuinely attracted to reveals a lot about who we really are. While we tend to fixate on the cliches like looks, smartness, etc., many of us can not articulate or pinpoint what is it that we like about the other person. Many a time we bow to the generic ideas of attractiveness and fixate on certain qualities of a person just because it looks cool but in actuality, we are attracted to people who are like us and this is a very innate phenomenon. For some, attraction can be just a romantic and physical thing, for others, it can be spiritual and platonic.

However, there are certain traits that tend to be attractive irrespective of the specifics. Here are seven of them.

1) Kindness

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In an era where most people tend to think about only their well-being and find great pleasure in ridiculing others, kindness comes across as a very attractive trait. Doing random acts of kindness, empathizing with people who suffer to accept themselves, or being generally empathetic to people or situations make you different than the others. Not just that, being kind to oneself is also a conclusive sign of truthfulness and compassion.

Politely calling out unkind behavior or standing up for those who cannot voice their own stance can also make you come across as a good human being which will increase your chances of finding a genuine mate.

2) Responsibility

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Wise people are rarely attracted to irresponsible people. Simple things like reaching to dinner on time, doing the laundry on the designated day, or calling their parents when they promised they will are signs of a responsible person and traits like this do get noticed. What are the kind of decisions a person makes or whether they make any also appeals to the sense of others.

Being strong-willed and getting things done without delay are the traits that will establish that one is not unsure and they know what they are doing.

3) Sensitivity

Being sensitive is considered a weakness more often than not. But in reality, sensitivity is a sign of courage. Not many people have the courage to bear their hearts out and show their raw emotions. Acting sensitively to a situation makes others understand that one is emotionally available and not suppressing their feelings to come across as rough and strong. One who is emotionally strong will not shy away from displaying their emotions and also feel others' emotional highs and lows better than the ones who are not.

4) Humor

Having the ability to lighten a situation or ease a sore heart with humor is a quality that is widely appreciated. As long as the humor is intended to make people laugh and feel good, it is considered downright charming. However, trying to force it can have serious repercussions and one might just appear to be fake. A good sense of humor is a very rare and natural quality, one cannot learn it, which is why people who have it are loved and admired most.

5) Confidence

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Being around a confident person makes you look through yourself and concentrate on your strengths. We tend to learn a thing or two about brushing up our strengths and letting them shine from confident people. While all of us have insecurities, there are some who know how to compartmentalize their strengths and concentrate on those and this practice, in turn, makes them a cut out of the rest.

Confidence is not only charming, sometimes it is almost healing. It makes people have faith in themselves and also inspire those around them to do so.

6) Maturity

There are certain traits that cannot be forcefully learned or taught, one just acquires them with the passage of time or through their experiences. Maturity is what makes a person stand out in a room full of people. The way one behaves, reacts, replies, observes, etc., makes them appealing or unappealing. Mature people do not believe in impulsiveness, or doing or saying something without giving a thought to it. This trait makes them an attractive, wise, and valuable addition to any social group.

7) Mannerisms

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Traits that are natural are the most attractive. For instance, if one puts on an act to come across as well-mannered just to get into the good books of someone or to gain an advantage, they might stumble at some point and give away the reality, which only makes things worse. Old-school chivalry or mannerisms are highly appreciated and considered one of the most attractive traits to date. Clumsiness, gloominess, a poor sense of humor, extreme carelessness, etc., might come across as ill manners and put off the people around you.

Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.



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