8 Kinds of Compliments That Men Love to Receive From Their Partners

8 Kinds of Compliments That Men Love to Receive From Their Partners

Sometimes, a few words is all your man needs from you to remind him that he is someone important in your life.

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when your partner compliments you or shows his support? It's a great feeling because it shows you're loved and that they value your happiness and importance in their life. But just like you feel happy when they give you such compliments, they too feel the same when you do it for them. Not just because they feel validated but because it comes from the woman they love.

And it doesn't take much to put a smile on his face. Similar to how it makes you feels special when he admires you, he too might feel the same way when you appreciate him. While you love your partner, giving compliments frequently will reassure them of your affection for them, no matter how long you've been with them. Here are some of the best compliments men like to receive. If you haven't been showering your man with compliments, here's a good point to start!

1. “I love your hair!”

It might seem surprising but there are a lot of men out there who care about their hair. Though he might seem like he doesn't and may actually be the type who doesn't know that shampoo, gel, and conditioner are all different products that serve different purposes, he'd love it if you complimented him on it. It's a small and seemingly inconsequential thing to comment on, but these little things can help build his confidence.

2. “You work so hard”

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Just like you, he also works hard every day, trying to achieve something and make both you and him proud. And you want him to feel like those efforts are worth it. A compliment like this can go a long way in not only making him feel more confident but also happy that the person he values notices his efforts.

3. “You are in really great shape”

Telling him he has beautiful eyes and a warm smile is easy and does show that you like these simple traits about him. However, complimenting him about his body that he has worked hard on is even better. Especially if he puts in lots of effort into his physique. Let him know that it's not going unnoticed.

4. "I know you can do it! I have complete faith in you"

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Your partner might not tell you all the struggles he's going through, the expectations he has to match and the stress he undergoes because of it, partly because of the pressures that society puts on him to be the stronger gender. But, being the attentive partner you are, you know it and are already probably silently supporting him. However, a verbal show of support telling him that you have faith in his abilities will mean so much for him and he will welcome it.

5. “I love that I can have such interesting conversations with you”

Your partner was probably drawn to you not just for your looks and personality but also because of your intelligence and ability to stimulate him mentally. And you were probably drawn to him for the same thing. So it wouldn't hurt to let him know that as much as you love his looks, you love that beautiful brain as well that never runs out things to talk about.

6. "You are so funny!"

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Hearing you laugh is probably one of his most favorite sounds. After all, it proves that a sense of humor exists in the relationship, a quality that is extremely important. So it's nice to let your beloved know that he brings joy and love into your life. It shows that he matters to you.

7. “I love the way you work for this relationship"

You might have been more visible when it comes to working to make the relationship a success, but that might not be the case for him. Though you know they are putting in the effort, letting them know that it isn't going unnoticed can truly make him happy. It can make him feel appreciated and validated and motivated to keep putting in the effort.

8. "You make me so happy"

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The two of you may have set into a routine, one where the atmosphere is comfortable without words. But telling him that he does make you happy is the key to truly building an unshakeable relationship. If he knows he makes you happy, then he'll feel like he wants to make you more comfortable. Plus, it's always a good feeling to know that you're a source of someone's happiness.

These may just be a few words of appreciation and love, but you have a special bond with your partner. Complimenting each other on the most valuable thing about them can bring more joy and respect in the relationship. And of course, it can keep the connection between you two solid. Revel in this love.

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