8 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts That Your Loved Ones Will Hold Dear

8 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts That Your Loved Ones Will Hold Dear

Gifting is a tricky business but we assure you, with these, you'll never go wrong.

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Finding handmade gifts is not difficult these days. When you think of personalized gifts, you probably think of Etsy, Amazon, and other online websites that are always at your service. However, believe us when we say, gifts become more special when they are given straight from the heart, made with your hard work and creativity.

We are bringing a list of DIY (Do It Yourself) Christmas gift ideas to you that will make your loved ones feel the joy of the festival, whether it's your parents, coworkers, friends, best friends, kids, grandparents, significant others, or even neighbors. These gifts are budget-friendly to some extent because most of the time, the materials used are easily available in our homes. So don't let your creativity and crafting skills (or the lack of it) stop you from making the hearts of people close to you happy.


1. Aromatic reed duffiser

Diffusers can be a lifesaver when it comes to making your house smell fresh 24/7 and especially during the festive season. So, why not help make the homes of your loved ones smell divine as well with Christmas appropriate custom aromas like Douglas fir, cedarwood, juniper berry, spruce, and patchouli essential oils.



2. Mason jar snow globes

Snow globes are really fascinating and look quite expensive too, but now, you can make them at home with just some glue, water, glitters, and a Christmas figurine. Here's how you can make one.



3. Scented Candles 

Yupp, that's right, you can make scented candles at home in just a few steps. Why spend your hard-earned money on buying them when you can make them! With just some wax, a few essential oils, and a bit of patience you can create masterpieces like this.



4. Floral or herbal tea bath

After a long day of festivities, everyone needs a little "me" time and some peace. To find that, a relaxing bath is everything one could ask for. These floral or herbal tea baths can help one enjoy those fifteen minutes in the best way possible and they're the easiest to make. So, why not gift this little piece of heaven?




5. Salt dough Christmas ornaments

These are the easiest of all. Why? Because they're foolproof and very easy to customize. From shapes like mittens and snowflakes to handprints of the little ones in your family, these ornaments make the Christmas tree look more personalized.



6. Easy money tree

Money doesn't grow on trees... true, unless you can make it look like it does! If you want to gift some cash to your loved ones, kids, or anyone, here's a creative way to do exactly that.



7. Sweet moments photo pendants

Pictures capture some of the most precious moments of our lives, so, why not give a piece of that moment through a photo pendant with the person you shared the moment with? It's very simple.



8. No-sew hand warmers

There's no doubt that winter makes our hands extremely cold and no matter how many warm hugs you receive or you spend the entire Christmas eve in front of the fireplace, the cold finds its way in. Here's a way you can prevent the hands of your loved ones from getting cold with these cute and hassle-free hand warmers.