This Is Why a Woman Chooses to Leave Her Man, Even if She Loves Him | Every Man Needs to Know This

This Is Why a Woman Chooses to Leave Her Man, Even if She Loves Him | Every Man Needs to Know This

Women invest their heart and soul into their relationships, so, if they leave it's sure that they had nothing left in them to give anymore.

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Remember the first time you fell in love? You realized that in love, there are no boundaries, no doubts, no judgments, no fear, it's just effortless. However, sometimes we notice that as soon as we commit to a relationship or cement the relationship with marriage, the initial spark that you and your partner felt has disappeared somewhere in the cloud of responsibility and being adults.

Truth being said, love and relationships are not like the ones shown in the movies. You cannot undo the mistakes you made in a relationship in a snap. It takes time and effort. When a relationship that you put a lot of effort into breaks, it shatters you. But there are always the underlying reasons that we tend to ignore and we're left with the question "why?" Men, if you're wondering why your partner left you or why they usually leave, even when she loves you, here are 8 possible reasons:


1. He is not present

One of the main reasons why a woman leaves is that their husband or partner is not present and by present we mean, they're physically present but their mind is somewhere else. You could be doing everything for your partner and children but if at the end of the day when she's trying to talk to you, opening her heart up for you, your nodding isn't helping. She needs to be absolutely sure that whatever she's saying is being understood by you and you're there for her in all the highs and lows of her life, according to Huff Post.


2. He is insecure

You know how termites eat the wood from within and then there's no way you can save your house from crumbling down? Insecurity does the same to your relationship. If you are filled with doubts about your significant other, nothing seems right. It feels like a game of putting on a mask of satisfaction, love, and fulfillment where in reality you're just filled with jealousy and insecure rage that eventually tears your apart from within and you drive them away, according to Relationship Rules.


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3. There's a lack of communication & intimacy

When small arguments become a path to bigger ones, you know that you and your partner are lacking communication. And by communication, we don't mean that you blame the cause of the argument on your partner, it means that both of you sit down and find it out. The blame game, lack of communication, and lack of understanding are another reason.


When this is combined with no emotional and physical intimacy, it's a deadly combination. Communication and intimacy are the cores of a relationship.

4. He doesn't appreciate them or their sacrifices

Your wives, partners, and girlfriends sacrifice a lot of their own happiness and comfort to share their life with you and when is clear to them that you can't reciprocate the same things, it makes them feel underappreciated. Sometimes, women leave their perfectly good job to raise their family with her trust in you that you would understand her sacrifice and help her out. If she feels she's being taken for granted, she will move on, according to the Power of Positivity.


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5. He's emotionally unavailable

Emotional connect is extremely important for women. When they realize that their partner is not being able to fulfill their emotional needs, they choose to take a path where they can either reconnect with themselves or find people who can connect with them. Staying with a numb and emotionally deprived person is not only toxic for their emotional health but their mental health as well, according to Relationship Rules.


6. He compares them to others

All women are different with different morals and values, that's what makes them special. Just like men don't like living under the shadow of another male who supposedly might be better than them, in the same way, women want to be appreciated for the way they are. Comparing your partner, wife, or girlfriend to other women, especially your exes is a move of digging your own grave. Comparing gives birth to self-esteem issues and no woman likes to walk around with tattered self-confidence.


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7. He betrays and breaks her heart

Cheating is another big reason for relationships to break and the women to walk out of the lives of men they love. While for some it is almost impossible to live with the one who's cheated on them, for others it's a struggle that they have to endure each day. When the day comes when they can live with the pain no longer, they leave. Getting over betrayal, the brutally demolished trust, can be harder to endure than one can imagine, according to A Conscious Rethink.

8. The addiction has turned to abuse

Addiction also pushes women to leave their significant other. Addiction can sometimes lead to abuse which no one should be a victim of. After enduring the tensions and disappointments, day in and out, violent arguments can be too much for them to endure and they reach their breaking point. Leaving their man is a sign that they believe they deserve a better life, according to Huff Post.

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