7 Types of Sensations That Are Bound to Be Felt After Intercourse — and Whether They're Normal or Not

7 Types of Sensations That Are Bound to Be Felt After Intercourse — and Whether They're Normal or Not

A post coital buzz is not something you want to get rid of but there are certain sensations that follow that may cause you worry. Relax - they are actually more normal than you'd think.

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Intercourse can get hot and sweaty, as you would know. And those delicious tingles that come after can make you want it to last longer. But you might notice that along with the tingles, there are some other sensations. With the constant health warnings of urinary tract infections (UTI), cervical cancer, and other serious complications, any other feelings after intercourse can be worrying. But not all of them mean something disastrous.

So we've broken them down for you. The following sensations are normal post-coitus:

1. Minor burning or stinging

Your first thought might be that you have a UTI but if the feeling goes away after a few hours, then it's perfectly normal and you're safe. Dr. Jennifer Ashton explained what's really happening to Prevention.com. She said, "There can be some engorgement of vaginal tissues, and since the urethra is so closely situated to the vagina, that can cause temporary burning or stinging with urinating after sex." However, if you continue to feel like this even during urination, then you might want to go visit a doctor.

2. Flushed face

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The post-coital "glow" that everyone talks about is a little less glamorous than it is made out to be. Dr. Jonathan Schaffir, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Ohio State University explained this “sex flush” to Bustle. He said, “Many women experience a ‘sex flush’ during arousal. Relaxation of blood vessels can cause a noticeable, red discoloration of the skin of the neck and chest that may go unnoticed with the lights off.”

3. Funky smells "down there"

Considering you've just gotten sweaty and exchanged unique bodily fluids with your partner, it's not a surprise that things will start to smell a little funny in your vagina. This is not a big deal unless even outside the bedroom, the smell persists, then it might need a doctor's check.

4. Slight rug burns

In the same way that rubbing your skin on a carpet can give you a burn, constant friction between your skin and your partner's skin can also cause a slight burn. Especially if it is in your genital area. "Pubic hair can cause 'rug burn,'" gynecologist Dr. Ronald D. Blatt told Bustle over email. "Pubic hair grinding against another groin can cause skin irritation and rashes."

5. Cramping 

Some pain is to be expected after intercourse and this condition is called dyspareunia, which covers genital pain that may occur just before, during, or after intercourse. It's actually quite common. Dr. Ashton told Prevention.com that this frequently happens as a result of the release of the hormone oxytocin during intercourse, which can cause uterine contractions. 

6. Some itching "down under"

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This sensation could be your body's reaction to a lubricant, condom or any other intercourse-related item you use. This could be a one-time thing and you might have to watch out for it so that you don't use that particular product. However, if you see hives, swelling or any other strong physical reaction, seeking medical attention is necessary.

7. A little spotting

If you notice a couple of drops of blood after you've been physically intimate, it's certainly more common than you think. Sometimes, when your vagina is not lubricated enough, you may experience bleeding from friction, according to the Insider. So your vagina may have slight tears. However, if it persists and causes extreme pelvic pain, then it could be a sign of endometriosis, in which case you need to visit a doctor immediately.