8 Things a Woman Unconsciously Does When She Is Truly in Love with a Man

8 Things a Woman Unconsciously Does When She Is Truly in Love with a Man

You may not even know it, but it's when you do these things without even realizing it that you know you're truly in love with your man.

After reading so much about how to find out whether your man truly loves you or not, sometimes you wonder just how much you truly love him. It's not that you don't but being human, even you can have doubts about your love for him. But worry not, because if you do these eight things unconsciously, then it's proof that your decision in loving this man was certainly not wrong. 

1. You act like a young, blushing woman around only him

You've come to a point in your life when your confidence is at an all-time high. You don't need to prove anything to anyone - whether it's your youth or your intelligence. But when you're with him, you can't help but blush at his compliments or act silly around him. That's because you know he won't judge you for it and he makes you feel young again. 

2. You like listening to him talk about his life, and you look him in the eye

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Learning about what his day was like or seeing the twinkle in his eyes as he talks about his passions isn't just joyous for him. You enjoy it too. You feel happy knowing that he's happy. And he can see it when you look into his eyes when he's speaking. You want him to know that you really do care about what he's saying. 

3. You take part in the things he enjoys

You just want to share in the excitement that he gets when he's going about his hobbies or trying new foods. You want to create a special memory with him and see life through his eyes. Whether it's taking a kayaking adventure or watching an action film that on your own you wouldn't have gone near, you're all game for it with him. 

4. You take his advice and counsel on important things

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You didn't build your intelligence up by relying on someone else to guide you all the time. But your well-thought-out decisions also led you to find your partner who is just as smart as you. Which is why you don't find it hard to look to him to give you a different perspective on your choices. 

5. You speak highly of him to everyone even when he's not there

You can't stop gushing about him to others. Friends, family, relatives, co-workers, they've all heard about his achievements. You're not doing it to brag about him but you understand that the goals and dreams that he has completed are worth mentioning. Not to mention, why would you not want to tell everyone about how amazing he is?

6. You make the effort to look good for him

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Just like when you first started going out, you dress up for him even now. It has nothing to do with you wanting his attention. Rather it's all about knowing that no matter how long you've been together, you just know he's still going to appreciate you. Plus, he makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the room so why not put in the effort to look good for him?

7. You don't hide your love and affection for him

"I love you", small kisses on the forehead, playfully jumping on him, walking with your hands together - these are just a few of the ways you show him your love. With him, you know you can be vulnerable and open with your feelings. For you, there's no need to hide your true emotions. 

8. You enjoy playing with his hair and play with your own around him

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You just love entangling your fingers in his locks. Sliding them through his hair brings you a sense of peace and lets it set in that you are the only woman in his life who is allowed to do that. Additionally, you can't help but fidget with your own hair when you're around him because he just makes you feel like a young, gorgeous girl all over again.

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