8 Things Husbands Do That Can Hint a Marriage Is Likely to Last

8 Things Husbands Do That Can Hint a Marriage Is Likely to Last

He's in it for the long haul and putting in the effort for your marriage is his way of telling you he loves you with everything in him.

Marriage. It may just be one word but it takes two to make it work. No matter how hard it might be, we always hope that in the end, it'll be worth it. So you put in all your effort to make sure that you can make it a success. You expect that your partner will do the same. Sometimes you strike out with a partner who doesn't even seem to try but if you're lucky, you'll have a partner who cares just as much about the marriage as you do and doesn't hesitate to show it. He might make it look easy but deep down you know that it's because of him that this marriage is everything you wanted out of it. Especially if he does these eight things:

1. He puts you first

On his list of priorities, you always come first. To him, you are the most important and he will do anything you need, whenever you need it. While others might say that he's just doing his job as a husband, to him, you're not a job. He genuinely loves doing things for you and that means he would rather help you out than go out with friends.


2. He constantly surprises you

He cares about the small things that would make you happy. So if there was one day where you are just exhausted after a long day and you just want to disappear into your bed, chances are you might find a neatly made bed with him ready to give you a massage. And it's not just this. He loves surprising you. Whether it's popping by your office with chocolates and flowers or doing the cooking before you can get to it, he does it because he wants to see you relaxed and happy.

3. He knows the importance of communication

Communication is essential in every relationship and he gets that. He doesn't want even a chance of a misunderstanding to happen so he opens up to you about his feelings. He has no intention of allowing either of you to go to sleep angry at one another. Though sometimes it takes a bit of time, he will share his vulnerabilities so that you know that he cares enough to share his real self. He will always ensure that you both are on the same page so that such an argument won't arise again.

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4. He listens whenever you need him to

When you need a place to vent, you know that you count on him to be there. He knows that you need that release of emotion and will genuinely listen to all your troubles and worries. And just as you've finished ranting, he will somehow find a way to make you feel grounded and calm again. While you know it's unreasonable, it's heart-warming to know that he will take your side. Especially when he proceeds to do anything and everything just to hear you laugh.

5. He accepts you exactly the way you are

Flaws, achievements, quirky moments... he loves them all. He embraces every part of you and never expects you to change. Even when you choose to work on your flaws, you can be sure that he will be there every step of the way. The best part, he knows you would do the same for him and loves you all the more for it.

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6. He respects and trusts your choices

One of the hardest things in a relationship is having your partner be respectful of your choices. In a marriage, it's no different. Your husband is a class apart when he accepts that you are a mature and independent woman capable of making her own choices. He respects you for being loyal to them because he knows that you wouldn't have made the decision without thinking it through first. While there are times he may not exactly agree with it, he will stand by you. He will never want to clip your wings.

7. He's proud of all your achievements

While you might feel proud of yourself for achieving a goal that you had set for yourself, he'll probably be doubly excited and proud. If he's constantly talking about your achievements to people whether you're there or not, trust me, he's a keeper. He loves that he's married to a smart, ambitious woman and is not afraid to show you off.

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8. He never misses a chance to tell you he loves you

I. Love. You. Three simple words, but when uttered together, they carry so much power and importance. Sadly enough, it isn't said often. But he's not like that. No matter the time of day or place, he will always find a way to say it to you. Whether it's randomly in the kitchen or when he calls you in the middle of the day, he says it because he wants you to know how important you are to him. To others, it might seem fake but you know otherwise. Because every time he says it, you can see the sincerity shining in his eyes. Every single one of those "I love you's" are real.

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