These 9 Delicious Drinks Can Help Flush Out Toxins & Cleanse the Body From Within

These 9 Delicious Drinks Can Help Flush Out Toxins & Cleanse the Body From Within

These drinks help in weight management, maintaining healthy skin, boost energy, and lower inflammation.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published on January 29, 2021. It has since been updated.

The flushing out of the toxins from your body is known as detoxing. Even though there are a number of ways to clear your body of toxins, sipping on some blended veggies and fruits is one of the most natural and delicious ways to not only get rid of the toxins but shedding some extra kilos as well.


When impurities are not properly eliminated from the body, it may lead to bloating, flatulence, headaches, constipation, fatigue, nausea, etc. But, consuming these drinks on a regular basis might help in overcoming all these problems.

Listed below are a few of the most delicious detox drinks.

1. Ginger mint lemonade

Rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, lemon is one of the most used vegetables for flushing out toxins. Not only does it help build immunity, but it also keeps your bones, skin, and gums healthy too. Just squeeze some lemon in a glass with ice, add some crushed ginger and mint, add a pinch of sea salt or honey and it's ready!


2. Mint and cucumber water

Great for maintaining fluid and minerals ratio, this drink is great for managing weight as well. All you have to do is cut two cucumbers into thin slices. Do the same with the lemon but chop the mint leaves finely. Put all the ingredients into a water bottle with some ice and refrigerate for 30 minutes to an hour. Carry it around with you for a refreshing day as you sip on it.

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3. Coconut mint lime water

This is a very refreshing drink that is also great for your skin and hair. To make this take some coconut water, some chopped mint leaves, and juice of half a lime. Put all of them in a glass, mix well and ta-da! You've got your drink.


4. Chia seed and aloe vera drink

While chia seeds are a great source of antioxidants and calcium, they also help in managing weight. To prepare this drink take one liter of water and add half a cup of aloe vera juice along with one teaspoon of chia seeds. Let it sit for 10 minutes then squeeze some fresh lime juice into it. That's all, drink up!

5. Ginger-carrot orange drink

Carrots are a huge source of beta-carotene and fibers that help digestion. Oranges are a powerhouse of vitamin C and antioxidants. Ginger too helps in digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties. You can imagine how amazing the drink would be, right? Squeeze out the carrot juice and orange juice separately, then add it to a blender along with some turmeric and ginger. Blend for 30 seconds, squeeze half a lemon, strain, and serve.


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6. Ginger lychee lemonade

This drink has two of the most liked summer coolers, lychee, and lemonade. Packed with interesting flavors, this drink also has the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger. In a jar, add some minced ginger, lychee, and lemon juice. Blend all of it together with some ice and salt to taste. Add some sliced grapes and chia seeds to the rich blend and mix. Lastly, garnish it with some mint leave and your lemonade is ready to go!

7. Fruit infused tea

If you're a tea person then this exotic brew will win your hearts and make you healthy. It is a blend of orange, ginger, chamomile tea, and blueberries, known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties that protect you from infections along with blocking toxins. All you've got to do is put the berries, orange rind, mint leaves, and chamomile tea bags in a pan for four minutes, brew it, strain it, and sip on the hot tea.


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8. Green punch

With a perfect balance of vegetables and fruits, this drink contains apples that are filled with fiber, vitamin A, C, and polyphenols, beneficial for the entire body, blended with some cucumbers, celery stalks, kale leaves, half a lemon, some minced ginger, and mint leaves. Blend it, drink it!

9. Pomegranate juice

Last but not the least, plain old pomegranate juice that is rich in vitamin C with punicalagin. It has been found that pomegranate contains more antioxidant properties than red wine and green tea. So the next time you go for a glass of wine, consider the humble little pomegranate. However, it's better to choose the freshly-squeezed pomegranate juice over tetra packs.


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