9 Signs Your Partner Is Mature Enough to Build a Life-long Relationship With You

9 Signs Your Partner Is Mature Enough to Build a Life-long Relationship With You

Respect, love, committment, compromise. These factors are what make up a strong relationship and it only gets stronger when he sees you as an equal.

It's supposed to be a given that when you enter a relationship, your partner respects you, loves you and sees you as an equal. But many a time, the bond between partners end up being weakened by the constant struggle of their significant other unconsciously treating them as more submissive and less important. Yet, you might find that you don't experience that. And that could be because not only does he love you, but also because he sees you as an equal - someone who is just as intelligent, strong, independent and as wonderful as he is. You'll know it's true when he does these nine things. 

1. He asks your opinion on decisions he can take on his own

Just like you, he knows what's best for him and what types of decisions he needs to make, whether it comes to his life, his family and his work. But with you, he always initiates a discussion to find out how you feel about it. That's because he acknowledges your intelligence and knows you'll be able to give him a different perspective on his decisions. He respects your knowledge and your importance in his life. 

2. He makes sure to share the responsibilities at home

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You find it's easy to ask him to do something and know that it will get done. He understands how much you have on your plate with work, home, and the kids so he wants to lighten the burden on you. Whether it's running out to get the groceries while you handle the children or taking them out so that you can work in peace, you can trust him to be there. 

3. He is protective but understands that you need to fight some battles independently

He knows your value and won't listen to anyone who tries to undermine you. No matter who it is, your colleagues, your friends or your family, if any of them attempt to make a fool or mockery of you, he will always stand up for you and fight. He won't allow anyone to treat you with disrespect. Yet, he knows when you need to fight your own battles.

4. He respects your decisions but will be brutally honest when giving his opinion

Just like you respect his decisions, he respects yours too. He knows what you're capable of. After all, before he came in, you were quite independent and managed to bring yourself up without having to rely on others. But as much as he will stand by your decision, you know that you can also count on him to be brutally honest and pick holes in it. He just wants you to be well-informed about your choices. 

5. He never forgets to let you know that you are appreciated

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Everybody likes compliments. But after years together, many partners tend to forget that verbal appreciation still matters which is why at random times, he will compliment you on something you achieved or tell you he's grateful to have you in his life. He wants you to know just how much you mean to him. 

6. He gives you the space you need when you want to be on your own

He knows that you have a life of your own as well. Whether it's hanging out with your friends and family or just going off on a solo trip, he gives you that space because he acknowledges your own attempts to give him his space too. And absence just makes the heart fonder. 

7. He understands your diverse personality and doesn't judge you for it

There are layers to you that not everyone can understand. But he does his best to. The most heart-warming part? Unlike most others who constantly have an opinion on who you are and who you should be, he never tries to tamp down on your identity. If anything, he loves you more because of your individuality.

8. He argues with you but ensures that he hears you out first

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Fights between you two don't include harsh words, low blows, and threats. When he argues with you, he makes sure that you have your say first so that the discussion doesn't go off-topic and both of you can resolve the issue in a calm and collected manner.

9. He doesn't expect you to conform to his ideals and societal norms

Growing up, he may have been exposed to a family where gender roles are strict and well-enforced. But he doesn't give two hoots about if you know how to cook a gourmet meal or have to be at home when he arrives. He loves your individuality and never tries to push his views on you.

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