A Relationship Lasts as Long as Both People Put In Effort | It Will End When One Person Stops

A Relationship Lasts as Long as Both People Put In Effort | It Will End When One Person Stops

Have you ever ended a relationship because of this?

It always breaks my heart when I see relationships come to an end. It's all sunshine and daisies when it begins. So, when two people who fought against all odds decide it is time to call it quits, it's really hard.

I mean, that was probably not the goal they had in mind when they decided to go ahead and invest their time and effort into the relationship. But, what happens often is the effort changes, causing relationships to break eventually. 

You see, in the beginning, people just put in so much effort to win over the one they want to date. Magically, they seem to have all the time in the world for their love interest. They're always talking over the phone, they're texting each other about every small detail of their day. 

It's really adorable, and the effort convinces the person that the other one is not really faking their interest. Soon, there seems to be love blossoming. They have the dreamy honeymoon period of the relationship where the two of them just can't get enough of each other. 



But now that they know they've managed to get what they want, the kind of effort that goes into maintaining the relationship is the bare minimum; it becomes something that is needed just to keep the bond afloat, nothing more, nothing less. 

With time, even that fades away, because people begin taking you and your sincerity for granted. They think that you will never leave them even if they don't give you the love and attention you deserve, because it gets to a point where you can't live without them.

Yeah, that really hurts, and it only gets worse the more you stay in that relationship. They're going to walk all over you and not even realize the kind of damage they do to you. 

So, when a relationship comes to an end, it's almost always because people do not put in the effort they did when they started off. And that makes a world of difference. Never take anyone for granted, because even the most patient person has their limits. 



Cherish what you have and see it flourish, it's just that simple. 

Representative Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Anastasiia Krivenok

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