Adele, Promoting Album On Divorce, Brings Hope To Everywhere With Surprise Proposal During Live Show

Adele, Promoting Album On Divorce, Brings Hope To Everywhere With Surprise Proposal During Live Show

The woman had no idea the proposal was taking place in the presence of Hollywood celebrities, including Adele herself.

British singer Adele may be out and about promoting her new album "30", which has been dubbed as her "divorce album", but that didn't stop the kind-hearted singer from orchestrating a romantic proposal for a couple during her comeback concert—a two-hour special called One Night Only that aired November 14, 2021, on CBS, according to Washington Post. It also featured a sit-down interview with Oprah. 

Per CNN, a man named Quentin reached out to what he believed was a show—but it was actually a "fake show," Adele said—to help him propose to his girlfriend of seven years, Ashley. The couple—who have been together for 7 years—reportedly spent the day of the proposal having a picnic in the area near Adele's concert. 

While Adele was onstage, she told the audience that she needed their help to pull a grand surprise, but to do so, they needed to be “really bloody quiet.”



"If you make a noise, I’m gonna kill ya,” she said, before requesting for the lights at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angele to be dimmed. While Adele slipped into the shadow, Quentin lead a blindfolded Ashley to the front of the stage. She even had earphones on, so she wouldn't hear anything that was being said.

“What are we doing, Quentin?” Ashleigh asks, causing a few people in the audience to chuckle. “Am I on grass?” she asks later, which brings on some more subdued laughter. 

Quentin then asked her to take her blindfold off and she sees him down on one knee. 

“I want to thank you for being so patient with me,” he says, as a baffled Ashley looks around the audience, trying to understand what was happening, before asking: “Is this real?"

“Every day you blow my mind,” he tells her as she wipes away tears, but she whispers to him: “Where are we?” During Quentin's speech, she even said, "Thank God, you didn't let me eat. I would have thrown up," as she had no idea who was present while he popped the question. 



He continued with his speech, taking a moment to appreciate her for who she is. “There’s nothing you can’t do,” he says. “I love you, and I will continue to love you forever.” He admits the proposal has been “a long time coming,” to which Ashleigh replies, “Oh, my God, I’ve been your girlfriend for so long.”

Once she said yes and Quentin put the ring on her finger, the lights came back up, and Adele said hi to the couple. Ashley was visibly shocked and it took her a while to grasp what had just happened. 
She then looks around the crowd—which included celebrities like Lizzo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake, Tyler Perry and Melissa McCarthy — and goes, "Who are these people?"

Adele then asked the couple to sit in the front row near Lizzo and McCarthy and said: "Thank God she said yes because I didn't know who I was going to sing this song to next. You or him, oh, my God! Look at her, she's so in shock! Oh, that was lovely. I had a little cry."



She then began singing "Make You Feel My Love", her popular cover of Bob Dylan’s 1997 song, which she dedicated to the newly engaged couple. 

This was Adele's first concert in six years, and she made sure to make it a memorable one, not just for Quentin and Ashley, but for everyone who was at the event, and for all her fans. 




Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Gareth Cattermole

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