As a Child, Man Dreamt of a Li'l Girl Chloe | Decades Later, He Was Led to Adopt a Child Who Resembed His Dream Named Chloe

As a Child, Man Dreamt of a Li'l Girl Chloe | Decades Later, He Was Led to Adopt a Child Who Resembed His Dream Named Chloe

Adoption was not one of his favorite options, but everything changed one fateful day.

Adopting a child is a life-changing decision and one that requires courage. So when a couple decides to go ahead with it, they should understand that it will be a huge deal that will demand all their love and maturity. While some parents come to terms with reality quickly and move on with the process, for others, the process can get challenging and strenuous.

So when Annie wanted to adopt a baby, her husband Walter was not totally in favor of the plan. But then something happened that changed their lives.

Here is their story...

Walter and Annie were neighbors who grew up together but they didn't come together until much later because of their age gap, according to Goodfullness. Walt didn’t really know much about Annie, but on the other hand, Annie secretly hoped one day she’d find someone like Walt.


When it was time for Annie to go to college, Walt helped her move and settle down, they ended up being neighbors once again. They started hanging out and spending more time with each other and thus, Annie realized that she wanted Walt in her life.

What made Annie and Walt really connect can make one realize that they were always meant to be together—baby names. Annie once mentioned to him that she had picked out the name of her future baby but she was surprised to know that Walt too had picked out a name; she did not know of any guy who had picked out baby names before marriage. Walt went on to explain to her that since he was 12, he felt that God had wanted him to someday have a daughter named Chloe. Amazingly, Chloe was the name that Annie had selected as well.


The couple got married and spent time traveling and just being around each other before they decided to take the big step of starting a family. They had thought that it would be an easy thing to do but soon they realized that it really wasn't. They struggled to conceive a child even after the prayers of their loved ones. They kept trying but to no avail.

Eventually, Annie suggested that they should adopt a child, but Walt wasn't in favor of this idea. With time, though, his heart softened, and he was ready to take the process forward although he was not completely convinced. Annie took over, filling out all the paperwork, and one day, she received the email she’d been hoping for; a birth mother had chosen them as parents for her baby girl.

While the couple decided to go and meet the mom, they had decided that since this baby would be adopted they wouldn't name her Chloe. They were nervous about a lot of things but when Walt saw the birth mom, he was stunned. It was as if his life has come to a full circle in that short moment.


According to him, when he was 12, he used to spend a lot of time in his parents' yard being by himself and talking to God. He didn't think that was unusual because according to Walt, God spoke to him, too. One day he had a vision about his little girl, kind of like a dream. In this vision, he saw himself in the front yard of his parent’s home, holding a little girl’s hand, and swing her around in circles. The picture of the little girl he saw had "dark skin and dark eyes." And God said to him, "This is going to be your daughter, and her name will be Chloe."

He claimed that the birth mom looked exactly like the grown-up version of the little girl he saw in his vision. He took this as a sign that this was meant to be. He had an instant change of hearts and they adopted the baby. Her name? Chloe!

Today, Chloe is a jolly toddler and the source of happiness for her parents. Walt, who was once against adoption, now says people try to tell them that it was just coincidence but they can't convince him because in his heart he knows it was meant to happen and it was God who brought their daughter to them.





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