All You Beer Lovers out There! Here's a "Beer Spa" That Lets You Bathe in Beer as You Sip on the Chilled Drink

All You Beer Lovers out There! Here's a "Beer Spa" That Lets You Bathe in Beer as You Sip on the Chilled Drink

What can be better than a cold beer in one hand and a nice soak in a tub? A beer-filled tub with a beer in your hand, it seems.

After a long day at work or after running a bunch of errands, you just want to come home and relax. For some of you, a glass of wine helps you unwind while some of you might like a long swig of chilled beer. Well, it seems like there is a way for the latter to enjoy something even more relaxing and it has everything to do with beer.

A trend called the beer shower has made its way into the minds of beer lovers and it combines their two favorite things: a hot relaxing shower and a delicious cold beer. But perhaps the next level of it is in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, where they help you enjoy a spa wherein you not only bathe with a beer but you soak in it too. And it is called the Bernard Beer Spa.


What they offer is unique though since "beer spas" have been around since the 7th century BC when beer was "accidentally" discovered by the ancient Sumerians, according to the official website. It was then that the idea of fermentation began when the cultivated corn started getting spoilt when it was improperly stored. So essentially, since the Middle Ages, this combination has been known.


The special thing about the Bernard Beer Spa is that it offers a unique relaxation experience. Though you aren't technically relaxing in beer, you enjoy a nice soak in a beer-like mixture of hops, yeast, and other ingredients with no barley added. However, there is actual beer that you can not only drink but is unlimited as you bathe. And the medicinal properties of such an experience includes the "cleansing of the pores, increase of pulmonary circulation, regeneration of skin and hair and revitalization of the nervous system,” their site reads.


At the spa, the visitors get to spend an hour in a private room with tubs built for two if you decide to enjoy a bath with your partner (they’re about 350 liters, equal to 700 beers). "There is an option of beer massages as part of their package should expect to spend an hour and half at the spa," says the website. If it wasn't heavenly enough already, every guest gets to leave with a special souvenir bottle of Beer Bernard.


And if that is still not enough for you and you ask why this particular spa, they tell you why. This unique experience that makes customers want to come back includes these facts:  "Guarantee 100% privacy throughout the entire procedure, curative mixture with vitamin B is created and tested by brewery, we use fine Czech hops from the Zatec region, we prefer quality over quantity, fully unlimited consumption of Bernard beer, you pour Bernard beer yourself, relaxing procedures include calming massage, and we do not compromise the quality of the spa for lower prices."


So maybe it is time to take that vacation and maybe add Prague on your destination list. After all, this could be the experience of a lifetime. Cheers!




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