You Can Now Get a DIY Summer Guesthouse and Set It up in Your Backyard within 8 Hrs

You Can Now Get a DIY Summer Guesthouse and Set It up in Your Backyard within 8 Hrs

No need to subject yourself to construction noises for months. This DIY guesthouse can be completed well within a day.

Amazon has become the go-to for all your shopping needs. Whether it's electronics or clothing or some wacky gifts, it's the shop for you. From pickle-shaped pool floats to jumbo toy hammocks, there is nothing you can't find. And now, you can even buy a do-it-yourself guesthouse on Amazon. Yes, you heard that right. Gone are months of waiting for construction and waking up to noises of drills next to your home. An entire guesthouse is available and it only takes 8 hours to build. The best part? Free shipping! People tells you all about it. 

This build-your-own backyard guesthouse was conceptualized by a company called Allwood. It might cover just 172 square feet, which is essentially slightly bigger than a college dorm room, but it still has enough room to actually be worth it. It can be used to house some guests for a few days, have a get-together, make a pool house, design a home office, or a storage room. In the description of the product, the instructions mention that the house can be built in just 8 hours when two people work together.

About 86 square feet of the space is the indoor area, while the remaining square footage acts as an outdoor, covered patio for a set up of your choosing. Called the Allwood Solvalla Garden House, the description lists the DIY cabin as an "ideal home office or guest house.”

If you have a thing for tiny, but cozy houses, you might want to book yours. After all, squeezing a futon or small cot in a covered room won't be a problem. You might even have some extra space if the product image is anything to go by. Not to mention, the patio is a great place to set up a couple of chairs or even a drill. 


The cabin is “made from high-quality Nordic wood,” the product description mentions. “This timeless design is an alternative to classic log cabin styled structures.” So, that means if you want to go modern log-house style, this is the house for you. “It works well in a variety of surroundings,” the description reads. But that's not all. This DIY guesthouse has also been deemed safe to build “on rooftops of multi-story buildings”. A bathroom is not included in the space, but the Allwood Outlet writes that “adding one is not difficult." You can just buy the indoor bathroom kits to DIY too, reports Southern Living


While there are no reviews for this specific model and is not available currently, Allwood promises the cabin comes with “simple step-by-step directions.” Only a few things don't come with the kit which are roof shingles and foundation materials. Allwood estimates that it will cost around $150 and $170 respectively.

So then, how much does this guesthouse cost? More than $7,000. To be precise, $7,250. Just looking at that number can make you want to whistle. It includes free shipping though, which is good considering the approximate weight of the entire kit is 2480 lbs (1,124 kgs). Currently, however, Amazon lists the price as $5,490. 


Given the price tag, it certainly doesn't classify as an impulse buy. Or maybe it is. It depends on whether you can afford it, have the time to build it, or even have the space to set it up. The cabin usually ships within 3-5 weeks. Placing that order now might just bring it to your doorstep right around summer. 


There's more. What, you thought I was done? Because there are far more versions of this DIY Guesthouse and they're all on Amazon. One of them is 1,108 square feet and it's available through the same company for $46,900. This version comes with a handful of reviews. One review said that they couldn't understand the instructions and built the cabin as they saw it in the picture. “I think it looks good,” the review reads, “but my [homeowners association] is pissed.” 









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