Amy Roloff's Son Zach Sides With Father Matt on Wanting Her to Move off the Farm for Good | "It’ll Be Healthier for Everybody"

Amy Roloff's Son Zach Sides With Father Matt on Wanting Her to Move off the Farm for Good | "It’ll Be Healthier for Everybody"

Amy Roloff had been struggling about leaving the farm, and finding a new place for herself that she could share with her fiance.

Disagreements are a norm in family life since it's not possible for adults or even children to get along at all times. What matters is that there is love between them and they actively try to move past the conflicts. However, it may not be possible for all families to reconcile after disagreements. But it looks like the Roloffs from Little People Big World will continue to stick together even though they don't agree on many things.

Amy Roloff's move from the Roloff Farms has been a contentious matter for her ex-husband Matt and her son Zach. It may seem that both of them became impatient with the amount of time she was taking to leave. Zach went so far as to say that he no longer has any sympathies for his mom even though he has historically sided with her.

"I’ve always sided with Mom, but I’m probably a little bit more like, 'Hey mom, sympathies are done. Let’s roll,'" Zach told Matt, according to CheatSheet. "It would be nice to see the farm in a better place," he added. "There’s a lot of indecisiveness. And I tend to sympathize with my mom a lot historically, especially over the years. But in this particular situation, it’s becoming difficult," added the father-of-two.


Zach also said that didn't want his mother to be managing the farm at all. "I’m a fan of my dad taking over the whole farm," Zach told the cameras. "I think it’ll be healthier for everybody when my mom moves off the farm," he added.

He wasn't the only one frustrated with Amy's pace of moving. "It could be hard for Amy to leave the farm," Matt told the cameras during Season 21 Episode 2. "She has so many memories. But I think in the end, it’s gonna be healthy for the whole family when Amy moves on and frees herself from the baggage of the farm. I think she’s gonna be happier. The family’s now gonna feel more settled," he added.


Zach, who has been around to witness his parents' divorce and bickering, might be tired of seeing them go at it frequently. After all, it is unusual for exes to live so close to each other. "Health-wise, it’s in her best interest to move off," Zach said. "You know, two different people are living on it that don’t really get along. There’s gonna be conflict if things don’t get resolved soon," he added. 

However, it doesn't seem like things get better between Amy and Matt as he calls Amy "defensive," and she calls him "pushy," in the next episode. We know that while the drama is alive on the show, in real life, Amy has moved on from the farm. She was able to find a home for herself where she spends time with her fiance Chris Marek. 

Previously, the Roloff kids, Zach, Jeremy, Jacob, and Molly Roloff, had hoped that their parents won't part ways but both Amy and Matt are in relationships with different people.


"I think in the beginning, maybe they hoped," Amy told Us Weekly in regards to reconciliation. "I think we’re just doing our best with the relationships that we’re now in or have been in. We’re doing our best not to shove it in their face or anything," she added.

Zach has also come around to accepting Marek. "Chris seems like a good guy," Zach shared during season 21, as per CheatSheet. "I’m glad my mom has someone she can share life with. Getting divorced after 30 years of being married I think would be tough on anyone," he added.


There were some speculations that season 21 of the show was going to be the last one as a press release had said it would be "the end of an era on Little People, Big World as Amy prepares to say goodbye to the farm for good."

However, the matriarch of the Roloff family put those rumors to rest when she said in an Instagram caption, "We're back to filming for next season, kind of, while being very mindful of COVID still going on and keeping us all safe (crew and family and friends)." They had taken a break because of the pandemic but resumed as soon as it was safe to do so.






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