Amy Roloff Still Misses Her Mom Every Single Day Yet Is Grateful for All the Memories | Everyone Who's Lost Their Mom Can Relate

Amy Roloff Still Misses Her Mom Every Single Day Yet Is Grateful for All the Memories | Everyone Who's Lost Their Mom Can Relate

Roloff was extremely close to her mother and kept her admirers and well-wishers posted about her health.

Source: Instagram

It has been a roller coaster ride for the Roloff family since 2019. The demise of Amy Roloff's mother's affected the family deeply. Things looked bleak until Amy decided to get engaged with the love of her life.

After her mother's passing, Amy struggled through the intense emotions but also managed to be grateful for all the moments she had with her lovely mom.  “I am so sad about my mom’s passing but comforted by all the memories I have and that she lived a happy, long life with my father,” Roloff said in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE. “She was a great mom. Thank you for all the condolences and well wishes. Life is a gift, appreciate the moments in each day.”



The Little People, Big World star was very close to her family and never missed an opportunity to go back home and spend some quality time with her parents. During her mother's ailment, she started spending more time with them, which gave all the members some good time to bond as a family. 


"My mom isn’t doing so well and I need to see them. Every moment is precious the older I get and the older they get," she had earlier posted on social media. “Her heart is weak though and she gets tired easily but her mind is sharp. The transition of slowing down and not doing all she’d like to do will be hard,” she added. But she still had her chin up, "Just need to appreciate the moments, what she can do and the days that are left."



After the final rituals of her mother were done, she moved out of her beloved Roloff Farms and planned to start a new life with her fiance Chris Malek. But even after months of her mother Patricia Knight's death, one of her Instagram posts shows that she is still struggling to move on.

In an Instagram post, Roloff acknowledged how she went through a lot of emotional ups and downs in the last few months and that it seems like too much to be handled. It was a lot of stuff to handle for me and I’m realizing I really don’t handle stress as well as I had thought," she wrote.


She also went on to say that with time she is trying to "learn grace" and above all trying to "have faith, on a better tomorrow. This shows that how the mom-of-three, despite the heartbreak is still excited about life and is hopeful for the future.




She went on to say, "I must admit I haven’t handled the collision of all these wonderful and sad emotions and life moments all at once as gracefully as I had hoped or wanted." She added, "That’s where faith and grace showed up for me because I let it."

While she is trying hard to make a beautiful life with her grandchildren and her beau who she described as an "awesome guy," she can't help but miss her mom in every step of her life. As the strong woman that she has always been, she is choosing to use the memories of her mom a better person and to feel inspired every day. 





The one thing that is so inspiring about her is the faith she has in herself to overcome tough times and believe that life is a blessing. 

"I miss my Mom a lot but the abundant memories I have of her will always be with me and those memories will help me continue to try and be my best each day," she wrote. "Faith, hope, grace and love have been what has lifted me up all my life, and did during these last few months with all of these mixed emotions and life moments."