Andie Macdowell Is the Rolemodel Women over 50 Need | "You Need to Feel Beautiful Because You’re Still Here!”

Andie Macdowell Is the Rolemodel Women over 50 Need | "You Need to Feel Beautiful Because You’re Still Here!”

She takes care of her skin and health well but doesn't believe in going under the knife. She believes that positive thinking really matters.

The Four Weddings and a Funeral actress Andie Macdowell, who turned 61 this year, has been the face of the cosmetic brand L'Oréal for a long time and she truly believes she is worth it. Even when the industry she is in is riddled with ageism, which has always bothered her, she doesn't let it get her down. She uses positive reinforcements and maintains a habit of healthy eating to stay fit even at her age.

“It’s something that has always bothered me,” she told Harper's Bazaar. “It’s been a part of our culture and society and I personally didn’t know how to change it on my own. I love the fact that the whole world has caught fire with the idea that ageism is a terrible concept to put on people. It’s painful to be told that you’re no longer beautiful, or that life is not going to be enjoyable for you because you’re dismissed.”


The longest-serving spokesperson of L'Oréal acknowledges that the concept that only young is beautiful has been aimed at women more than men. Women are told that age is not beautiful and they should be able to keep their youth forever. “We’ve always told men that they age better which is not true. We need to stand up for ourselves and enjoy life,” said the actress, who has never gone under the knife.


The accomplished model, actress, and mother-of-three has a career that spans three decades and through it all, she has looked beautiful at every age. “By the time you’re my age you start losing friends, and then you start to realize, life is to be enjoyed and you need to feel good about yourself. You need to feel beautiful because you’re still here!”

She voices her opinion on how it is important to appreciate the blessings that have been bestowed upon you in your youth. "When you’re young you don’t know what you have. You have no idea how perfect you are and I try to remember that now and I’ll say to myself, ‘If you know that and can reflect and look back on how hard you were on your 30-year-old self then what am I doing now?’ That’s what I try to remind myself. I look back and say ‘why didn’t you just relax and enjoy what you had because you don’t have it anymore'," she told SouthernLiving.


For her, beauty begins with what she tells herself, so she indulges in positive internal dialogue. “Watching what I think about myself; how I think about myself and the concepts I have about myself,” she said. “Making sure I don’t say anything that’s putting myself down. That’s where it all starts.”


The Groundhog Day actress is very careful about what she puts in her body because that is what feeds her skin too. "I always think I look better after a yoga class. It's the same as a massage. We look so amazing after a massage because we're relaxed. Staying out of the sun and staying in good shape really helps, too. So does trying to maintain a healthy weight for your individual body—and that's different for everybody. And I really believe that what you eat makes a big difference—what you feed your skin. I eat an enormous amount of fruits and vegetables. But it's healthy habits. That is my concept. I think a lot of people want to have some kind of magic and the magic is really just that," she told Prevention magazine.


According to BestHealthmag, the number one tip she has for everyone is: "Drink a lot of water and eat a lot of raw vegetables."

She doesn't ignore her mental health either. Hikes and yoga are part of her day usually and they keep her centered. "I love to hike. I find I sleep a lot better if I go on evening hikes and I love morning hikes because the rest of my day goes better. When I hike, I’m conscious — [I make sure] to actually hear the birds, to see things, to notice how the light falls on rocks or to notice plants. I think being around nature and trees is healthy for your mental state and that really does effect what you look like," she told Prevention magazine.







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