Angelina Jolie Divorced Bill Thornton Nearly Two Decades Ago, but Still Sends His Son Gifts Every Christmas

Angelina Jolie Divorced Bill Thornton Nearly Two Decades Ago, but Still Sends His Son Gifts Every Christmas

She takes the role of a mother very seriously, which is why she is still involved in Harry's life, despite having cut all ties with his dad.

Angelina Jolie is still a part of Harry Thornton's life, despite divorcing his father, Billy Bob Thornton, nearly two decades ago. 

The Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules star shared that even though he doesn't really talk to his former stepmother that often, she still makes sure to get him a gift every holiday season, according to ET Online

Billy Bob and Jolie first met on the set of the 1999 film Pushing Tin. After dating for a mere two months, they decided to get married in May 2000, reportedly while he was still engaged to Laura Dern. Jolie and Billy Bob filed for divorce later that same summer.

“To this day, she still sends me Christmas gifts every year and stuff like that,” Harry, 27, said. “I don’t talk to her on the phone every day but every now and then we talk.”  



Jolie was married to Billy Bob from 2000 to 2003. At the time, the 66-year-old actor was already a father of three. 

Harry then went on to say that his vacations with Jolie prepared him for his time on Relatively Famous. “She was so cool,” he says of the 46-year-old mother of six. "She took us camping every week and she rented, like, a RV one time, and we went on a full camping trip."
Harry reminisces, "She was just so fun for us back when we were, like, younger. Like, she was a lot of fun."

It honestly doesn't come as a surprise that she still stays in touch with Harry despite having cut all ties with his father, because the one role she takes very seriously in her life is that of a mother. 



She knows she has the money to take care of her kids well, and she's aware that despite being a single mom, she has the means to look after her kids. "I'm not a single mom with two jobs trying to get by every day," she told The New York Daily News. "I have much more support than most people, most women in this world. And I have the financial means to have a home and health care and food."

"When I feel I'm doing too much, I do less, if I can," the Academy Award winner continued. "And that's why I'm in a rare position where I don't have to do job after job. I can take time when my family needs it."

"I actually feel that women in my position, when we have all at our disposal to help us, shouldn't complain," she added. "Consider all the people who really struggle and don't have the financial means, don't have the support, and many people are single raising children. That's hard."



It really is reassuring to see how Jolie manages to take care of her kids without a man's support, isn't it?




Cover image source: Photo by Michael Loccisano

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