An Artist Captures Her Pregnancy in 14 Beautiful Illustrations That Show How Love Grows Between Partners During This Journey

An Artist Captures Her Pregnancy in 14 Beautiful Illustrations That Show How Love Grows Between Partners During This Journey

Amanda Oleander and her husband, Joey Rudman, met in June 2015. He proposed to her in the most surprising way a few years later, and now they're going to be parents!

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Motherhood can be a simple or complicated decision. It depends on the person, their choices, and their circumstances. However, for many women, it is a beautiful time of growth and learning as well. Artist Amanda Oleander, who lives in Los Angeles, captured her journey as a pregnant woman through her lovely illustrations. From the moment she found out about it to how she and her husband grew closer, she brought it all to life with her artwork.


For years, she has captured the daily moments of joy in her domestic life with her husband. They met in June 2015 when she moved into an apartment down the hall from her future husband, Joey Rudman, according to Brides.com. They were soon introduced and they "immediately clicked." They started hanging out almost every night. "I felt good around him like I could really be myself," she said.


A few years later, Joey found the perfect way to propose to her. She had gone to visit her sister, Bianca, in Boulder, Colorado, where a hike was already planned for them by Joey's sister. Meanwhile, Joey followed Amanda to Boulder and when Amanda and Bianca reached the top, he was waiting there. "Amanda was absolutely surprised out of her mind that I was there, and she was shaking, and smiling so big," says Joey. Since they've been together, Amanda has documented their love story and their little moments of love.


The artist revealed her pregnancy in November 2020 through one of her beautiful illustrations, and then kept them coming. Her artwork shows how couples grow together in long-term relationships and the beauty of motherhood. Here are some of her works to warm your hearts:

1. The big reveal



2. We love you so much already


3. Pregnancy bliss



4. Thankful for this life


5. Us against the world



6. Growing love


7. Maternity sleep time



8. Pregnant together


9. Do you feel my love?


10. I felt a kick


11. Bump love


12. Belly cuddle


13. We're waiting for you


14. Love songs





Cover image source: Instagram/ Amanda Oleander