Artist Documents How Life Changes for a Couple After a Child

Artist Documents How Life Changes for a Couple After a Child

Becoming a parent is a beautiful experience, but it completely transforms your life.

Nothing beats the joy a couple feels when they welcome a new child, a mini version of the two of them. While the experience in itself is absolutely wonderful, there are many changes they undergo as a family. The new routine can be a far cry from life before the baby's arrival. 

In April 2020, Yehuda and Maya Devir, the artists behind the popular One of Those Days series, welcomed their first child, Ariel, who Yehuda called “the most hilarious and adorable creature [he’s] ever seen.”



“She is a very easygoing girl and happy all the time,” he told HuffPost. “She certainly sets a high standard for her siblings to follow.”

As much as they are smitten by their daughter, the Tel Aviv-based couple also admits that a lot has changed since her birth. “Of course, there is less time to be with each other alone, and our attention needs to be shared between three people now, while also running a business,” Yehuda said. “It is very complex, but we are still getting used to the changes.”



Maya said that though more difficult than she had anticipated, she has grown to love breastfeeding over a period of time. “Ariel really injured me, and it took a while for me to have enough milk for her,” she said. “Today I still breastfeed, but I totally understand women that choose not to.”

However, after Ariel's arrival, Maya's biggest challenge is that she is left with little time to devote to her career alongside being a new mom, given that the couple travels often for their job. “The hardest part is to work and know that I’m not with her,” Maya said. “Flights without her are the hardest for sure.”



In August 2020, Yehuda shared a post on Instagram about the hardships they went through as first-time parents. 



“It’s okay when she cries in your hands.
It’s okay that she only wants her mom.
It’s okay that you can’t put her to sleep.
It’s okay that you still don’t understand your status.


It’s okay that you don’t have that connection that everybody is talking about.
It’s okay that you still don’t understand your job definition.
It’s okay that you don’t make her laugh.
It’s okay that you’re tired.



It’s okay that you’re angry.
It’s okay that things don’t work out for you.
It’s okay to ask for a hug.
It’s okay to share your partner with everything you go through, even if it doesn’t seem so manly.
It’s okay that your life has changed.
It’s okay that your plans have been canceled.
It’s okay that you have no time for anything.



It’s okay to feel weak.
It’s okay to be moody.
It’s okay to feel lonely.
It’s okay to ask for help.
It’s OK.”

Though life has changed, they cannot imagine a world without Ariel now. Not only did she bring joy to their lives, but Ariel is also a source of inspiration for their new and fun comics.

Now with their second child, Yehuda and Maya will perhaps go through everything once more. Or will it be a different phase of parenting? We have to wait and watch.






Cover Image Source: Instagram | @jude_devir

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