Your Rising Sign Can Tell You What Others Think of You

Your Rising Sign Can Tell You What Others Think of You

Your ascendant or rising sign can explain a lot about why people see you a certain way, especially when it comes to first impressions.

There's more than just your sun sign or moon sign that plays a role in creating your identity. The ascending sign, otherwise known as the rising sign, defines how you make your first impression, according to Astrostyle. How do you look to other people? Do you project warmth or are you a little reserved? Are bold colors your thing or do you prefer elegance? Such questions can be answered through your rising sign.


So how does your rising sign explain those personality quirks you have?

1. Aries


Being an Aries means you make a bold and dynamic first impression, one that is unforgettable. Your vitality and zest for life has others looking at you calling you an energetic ball of sunshine. When people come up to you, they see a strong go-getter, someone who is willing to overcome all hurdles just to achieve their goals. However, in some occasions, your strong appearance may come off as overwhelming or aggressive. Many might assume that you're bossy even if you're not. 

2. Taurus


If your ascendant is Taurus, you come across as a solid presence — someone who is unwavering, bold, and calm as a mountain. They see you have a strong work ethic and intense attention to detail. Others look at you and see someone who can handle pressure practically. However, this strong demeanor also makes you seem a bit aloof, someone who others would not want to mess with. 

3. Gemini


As a Gemini, you're a natural communicator who can keep anyone engaged in your conversations. You gesture a lot with your hands which just goes to show that your enthusiasm cannot be contained in words. Your playful nature and the bright colors you wear attract others to you and make them want to strike up a chat with you. They sense that they will enjoy talking to you and cannot help but come up to you. 

4. Cancer


If your ascendant is Cancer, you are a compassionate empath who others see as both sensitive and intuitive. They see how attuned you are to the environment around you and the kind of nurturing you do for others, which makes them want to be a part of your circle. Since Cancer is a feminine sign, you are in touch with all the aspects of it and gracefully carry on caring for others.  Even your close ones feel the need to stick around you, just to bask in the warmth of your love. 

5. Leo


People see you as a leader, someone who knows what they want and will stalk it like it's their prey. But once they put that view of you to the side, they see you as someone who is warm and dynamic. The loud, colorful outfits and your guffawing, full-bellied laughter only projects more of that warmth. Looking at you is like sitting sprawled in the spring heat, lazing away, feeling protected and safe. 

6. Virgo


If your ascending sign is Virgo, then people have often described you as observant, analytical and occasionally lost in thought. They see you and have the image of someone who is serious, calm and practical — things they believe make a great leader. Virgos can also have "baby faces" and dress predominantly in white. Sometimes, people think you wouldn't be able to take care of yourself. But those who know you, know that you can manage just about anything in life, and do it really well.  

7. Libra


Libras, you are charm personified. One look at you and all people can think is how sophisticated and elegant you look. Gracious, well-dressed and at times, soft-spoken, you are the peacemaker in any group. Pastel shades are your things and all it does is add to the image of a person of grace and manners. However, though you are gentle and despise conflict, there are times when you might go a bit too far to keep the peace. 

8. Scorpio


With an ascendant such as Scorpio, all you have to do is walk into a room and heads will turn as soon as they sense the power and sensuality oozing from you. You don't have to say anything, but everyone will know you're there. Sometimes, this can come across as intense. However, this very intensity could become a motivation for others to achieve the effortless power that you exude. 

9. Sagittarius


Being a Sagittarius isn't always easy. Brutal honesty, wisdom, and bluntness are your sharpest tools and not everyone can handle that. Anyone who sits next to you and watches how you interact with others will find out you like big ideas and deep conversations. You abhor small talk. You like seeing the bigger picture and absorbing different ideas of the world. This reflects in the kind of style you have - colorful, worldly, and eclectic.

10. Capricorn


If your ascendant is Capricorn, you come across as a hardworking, no-nonsense and polished person. Your sharp business acumen is well-known whether it's among your friends' circle or your office colleagues. People flock to you for your opinion on where they should put their wealth or how they can deal with a potential customer. However, one drawback is that while they might come to you for advice, they might see you as somewhat dull or overly serious.

11. Aquarius


Aquarians, you are always doing your own thing. People can see it in the way you dress, the causes you stand up for and the way you talk. "Rebel" is what they call you, especially when they see the passion you have for social justice and cutting-edge ideas designed to help change the world. Others also see you as a person who knows how to ride the wind and adjust to any social situation, as long as it doesn't force them to conform. 

12. Pisces


You, as a Piscean, are always in sync with the world. You are sensitive to the changes in the world and in your eyes, people can see the reflection of the world’s suffering. But more than that, it's your healing aura that has all kinds of people standing by your side, hoping that some of that will rub off on them and help them. However, because of just how much of the pain of the world you take on, you might be prone to addiction, especially to things that can numb that pain inside you. 

If you don't know what your ascending sign is, you can find out here on Cafe Astrology. Keep in mind, you have to know your birth time for the calculation to be accurate. 




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