How Will This August 2019 New Moon Affect You? Find out Based on Your Zodiac Sign

How Will This August 2019 New Moon Affect You? Find out Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The new moon is a sign of fresh starts, fresh energy, and a fresh mindset. But it differs for each zodiac sign. What does yours say?

It's the arrival of the New Moon again on Friday, August 30th and this time, Virgo is setting you up to bring out the strength, courage, and sexuality in you. According to Astrology King, with Mercury and Venus being close to the new moon, they reign in the aggressive side of Mars. This phase will allow you to get in touch with your more passionate desires while also giving you opportunities to re-energize yourself. 

With the Virgo energy of efficiency, discipline and organization in full force during the new moon, there's a lot of excitement and positive change coming. "This Virgo new moon is a celestial green light that says it's time to plant the seeds of new beginnings in the areas of your work, health, and service to others," wrote astrologer Pam Ciampi in Llewellyn's 2019 Daily Planetary Guide. As for how it will affect each zodiac sign:

1. Aries

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This new moon phase is the chance for you to not only grow in your career but also in your personal routine. You'll have to make certain tweaks to your life by paying attention to the details and getting more organized because that is what will help lead you to immense success. By implementing a bit of structure into your life, you can finally re-energize yourself. As for your love life, this is the time for you to try out new things in the bedroom with your partner. Making sure to read between the lines can keep the fire burning in the sheets. 

2. Taurus

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New outlets for your self-expression and self-recreation will make themselves known and you need to grab it with both hands. Allow your creativity, inspirations, and passions speak for themselves, even if no one really understands it. Keeping at it with determined focus will help you reap the rewards and help you find yourself as a person. Also, romance is in the air. A romantic dinner at home, a little sexual exploration, surprise gifts, and even spontaneous words of love for him can go a long way in building the bond between you two. 

3. Gemini

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Your way of energizing yourself is most likely to manifest in changing up your physical environment. A little furniture shift here and some brightening decor there can give you a sense of peace that may have been missing for a while. Not to mention, the organization of the space around you can give you the opportunity for some clarity in your thoughts and emotions as well. When it comes to your partner, this will come in handy as being able to recognize your emotions will help you express them better. This will help you find and sustain a deeper meaning in your relationship. 

4. Cancer

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During this phase, you're more likely to have a sense of safety in a way that opens you up to things you wouldn't usually be comfortable doing. That includes going out to socialize and build your network. In doing so, you'll find that your head and your heart are working smoother than ever, making it easier to sort out the complicated mess of emotions that have clouded your decisions for the past few months. Even with your significant others, if there were any misunderstanding that blew out of proportion, this is that chance for you to sort it out. 

5. Leo

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Look out, Leos because a good deal of financial benefits is headed your way. But that means you also have to use Virgo's energy of being organized to take control of your financial life. The strength of the lion will help you keep your willpower intact. You might even feel the need to give something back to those who are less fortunate, as you handle your money, resources, and influence with humility and integrity. Even with your partner, the urge to allow the financial issue to color your relationship will fade away. 

6. Virgo

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It's your time now Virgos and the fresh start is all in your favor. You'll be flooded with opportunities to do the things you want to do although it's important that you not overload yourself with goals and tasks. Your determination will do you well when looking for success. For so long, you've been surviving and now it's time for you to start thriving, especially in the things you love to do. And when it comes to your love life, you'll find it's getting a lot easier to maintain, and if you're single, there are opportunities coming your way. 

7. Libra

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For the past couple months, you've had a busy life. From achieving success in your social life to finding an outlet for your creative endeavors, you've been all over the place. It's been beautiful but a tad bit messy. So now that Virgo is in zodiac house, take in some of that obsessively organized Virgo vibe with open arms. Use this time to clean out your mind and enjoy the finer things in life. In fact, you'll find that connecting with your inner wisdom comes to you quite smoothly. And when you apply that to your relationship, you're bound to draw your partner closer to you. 

8. Scorpio

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You've been ultra-focused with work lately and this new moon phase is about to ease up on that. Feeling light and buoyant, you can loosen up a bit and allow yourself to connect with other people around you. Letting your hair down and relaxing is the best thing you can do to re-energize yourself during this time. You'll even notice that your guard around people might be coming down and that could worry you. But your instincts have got you covered and you'll be able to differentiate between those who have good and bad intentions. This will come in handy with your partner as you navigate honesty in your relationship. 

9. Sagittarius

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Opportunities are abundant for you Sagittarians. Whether it's at work or in your social life, you're about to explore a whole new world with it. The vibrant energy of the new moon phase will keep you on your toes, ready to pounce on the chances being given to you. But be warned because as excited as you might be about it, being committed to it will need you to channel the dedication and organization of the Virgo traits so that you don't give up. Even with your relationship, should any issue arise, you'll need to find the passion and willpower in you to work through it with your partner. 

10. Capricorn

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For a while, you haven't really had the time to sit down and let your hair loose. But now, the August new moon is doing just that for you. Taking a trip to someplace that you know will give you peace of mind is the catalyst that will help you breathe more freely. Give in to the new sights and experiences. Allow yourself to broaden your horizons in every aspect and don't worry about your sense of self - you won't forget who you really are. Use this as a way to spend some time away from everyone, including your partner and reflect on what makes you happy. You'll come back to your relationship feeling more relaxed and open to your partner. 

11. Aquarius

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It's time to get your stuff together and organized. For months now you may have felt like you were drowning under pressure. But the Virgo traits that make them efficient and determined to be sorted are about to come into your life with full force. Especially when it comes to your finances. You'll feel an intense need to take care of your business and you'll find that success is yours with the dedication you put forth. With your partner, however, it's all about healthy boundaries. You have a right to set some rules with regards to what you're comfortable with and you expect that your partner will respect it. 

12. Pisces

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You're the romantic one and with the new moon coming in, it's coming out in full force. You might feel the urge to renew your vows or if you're single, you might strike gold in finding a partner who truly cares about you. But even with them, you want to make sure that their promises aren't just to humor you. During this period, your integrity and self-respect are stronger and you won't tolerate any nonsense from them or anyone. As you slowly start cutting out those who don't truly care for you from your life, you'll find a sense of clarity and cleansing that will bring you peace. 





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