The 2020 Australian Firefighters Calendar Is out and It Promises to Set Hearts on Fire like It's Been Since 27 Years

The 2020 Australian Firefighters Calendar Is out and It Promises to Set Hearts on Fire like It's Been Since 27 Years

For 27 years, the Australian Firefighters Calendar has been a feast for the eyes. Take a look you'll see why.

Every year, the Australian Firefighters Calendar steals our hearts with their photos of shirtless Australian firefighters posing for each month of the year.


What makes it even more irresistible is the fact that they pose with animals. This year, they have outdone themselves by posing with cats! Bringing the cute and furry creatures and the good-looking men into one frame has been a stroke of brilliance on their part, since both are irresistible.


They have been doing the annual calendar for the last 27 years and it has been a hit, making it one of the most popular calendars in the world, according to ScaryMommy.


Firefighters from around Australia’s Urban, Rural, Armed Forces, Aviation, and corporate fire-fighting services have posed for this since 1993 and this year they decided to pose with kittens.


They are offering six types of calendars featuring other animals as well, including dogs and horses. It will also feature firefighters from France and Germany. And in 2021, they will create the first-ever International Firefighters Calendar.


The money from the calendar will go to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, Kids with Cancer and many more organizations. The Currumbin hospital will be using their funds to invest in new equipment and fund research into diseases affecting the koala population. An organization called Healing Hooves, which pairs veterans, older people with dementia and children suffering from autism and Asperger's with special needs horses will also receive funds from this, according to News7 Australia.


In a press release about the hit calendar, David Rogers, the director of Australian Fighters Calendar said, "This year we decided to support local, smaller charities with more of a focus on native Australian, rescue and therapy animals. We felt that it was important to help some of the smaller charities that the public never hears about. These grassroots organizations work tirelessly in their local community making a huge difference to people’s lives."


One of the firefighters Brendan even adopted the kitten he posed with during the shoot. Not only do these gentlemen look good but have a good heart too!


In one of the many jaw-dropping photos, the firefighter is holding the adorable kitten in the palm of his hand. The pair, Ben and Clementine, was one of the cutest among the lot and have stolen our hearts.


The other editions of the calendar have the firefighters posing with dogs and horses. In one of the photos shared on Instagram, a little puppy called Viola is effortlessly picked up by Dave the fireman. Their loving gaze at each other must be what real love looks like.



If you are someone who loves exotic animals, they have a variety featuring them too.



If you want to see the making of the cat edition of the calendar, they have released a video on YouTube for that. 


If you like puppies better, you can feast your eyes on the video of the making of that version of the calendar instead.


You can check out more information on their website.




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