Adorable Toddler Recreates Smoldering Model’s Photos and the Results Are Straight-up Hilarious

Adorable Toddler Recreates Smoldering Model’s Photos and the Results Are Straight-up Hilarious

With a plethora of options, Katina Behm decided to recreate Augie's uncle's pictures where her little one would be the center of attention, and boy is it hilarious!

It is hard to find any siblings who haven't pulled a prank on each other. Oftentimes, the enthusiasm of cracking such jokes dies down with age, or so model Aristotle Polites thought when his sister, Katina Behm, got busy in her life after welcoming a beautiful son named Augie. But the new mom hadn't even begun her series of practical jokes on her sibling, who posts tons of dashing pictures on Instagram. With a sea of options available, Katina decided to recreate Augie's uncle's pictures where her little one would be the center of attention and boy is it hilarious! Per Little Things, recreating Aristotle's posts became the duo's favorite pastime and eventually went viral. Although the mom started taking the pictures four years ago, they have only gotten more creative. 



When Bored Panda asked Katina about her son's interest in the endeavor, she said, "As he's gotten older, he's more involved in what pictures are chosen. I show him a few I know we can recreate and he picks which one he wants to do. He gets a kick out of seeing old ones, and giggles when we scroll through them." She also revealed why both of them love recreating the pictures. "When I was doing it every week in a row (I think I went 88 weeks straight!), I would email the pic to my grandmother and call her every Sunday night and she'd be so excited to get the exclusive preview first and, of course, loved them all. Augie liked being bribed with candy the most," she shared. 



The mother and son's adorably hilarious recreations have since attracted over 60,000 people on Instagram. It is clear they put in a lot of effort in getting the picture as similar to the original as possible by taking care of the details, including the clothes, background, and accessories. Even while doing so, they maintain the cuteness that comes from Augie's adorable personality. Katina was also asked about the inspiration behind the recreation. "Augie was the inspiration," she noted.



"When he was 9 months old, I put a shirt on him but it wasn't buttoned yet. He was squirming and I realized he reminded me of a pic I'd seen on Aris' Instagram page so I snapped a pic and did a side-by-side and the rest is history!" But there's one thing that many parents have wondered: 'How does she manage to keep her son still long enough to capture the pictures? ' Well, the creative mom had an answer for that as well. "I get the pics off miraculously after bath time," she wrote on her Instagram account. The speech-language pathologist and certified brain injury specialist, who works with adults on "cognitive-communication and executive functioning skills," added that her son "Augie is a dream!"



"Great sleeper, eater, listener, a people pleaser, and wears his heart on his sleeve. He loves all things sports, cars, trucks, his big brother and twin sister, whom he is so kind to, she can be a pill. I could never pull this account off if it was her and not Augie," she continued. Although the mother-of-three with a full-time job does not have too much time to spend updating the accounting, she keeps going as it brings "joy to others, even if it's just a moment for a smile." For her, the account is "just a place people can go to smile."






Cover image source: Instagram | Babyandthebody

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