Horrified Mom Stood Frozen as Baby Fell 5 Floors Down an Open Window | A Washing Line Miraculously Saved Him

Horrified Mom Stood Frozen as Baby Fell 5 Floors Down an Open Window | A Washing Line Miraculously Saved Him

The mom and child were in a state of shock after the accident, but the child survived with only a few scratches.

There are times in our life when something so shocking happens that it changes how we see the world. It changes us and makes us count our blessings, because of the immense luck we have had when it could easily have been disastrous. There are people who walk away from horrific accidents without a scratch or go through life-threatening accidents and survive. It makes us believe that there is a higher being taking care of us and looking out for us.

When a young mother recently saw her son fall off an open window, her heart stopped for a second. She had not known fear like that ever before. The 21-year-old had turned away only a moment to do household chores and he was gone just like that. The baby with a "guardian angel" fell from the fifth-floor window only to be saved miraculously. He landed on washing lines and held on despite being only 11 months old. 


The boy, Demyan, climbed out of his home window in Lutsk, Ukraine while his mom was doing the dishes. He was caught on the metal frame of the third-floor balcony, the only thing that stopped him from plummeting to death 50 ft down on the hard concrete, according to Mirror UK.

“I turned away for a moment and he was out of the window,” said his mother Yulia Rogak, 21, according to Sun UK. “I looked through the window and saw him hanging by one hand,” she said. "I screamed in terror," she said, adding, "I was in shock and didn't know what to do." A neighbor feeding some cats also saw the baby fall and screamed, alerting two men, who eventually saved the baby boy. 


The 21-year-old was too scared to even look down. “I heard people screaming from below, I was scared even to look down,” said Yulia to Sun UK. “Then I did look, and he was in the arms of the two men.”


They climbed on the metal canopy over a doorway. While one reached up to grab the boy and bring him down to safety the other lay flat on the canopy to cushion the fall if it happened.

The mother and child were both in a state of shock. The child's doctor Valentin Martynyuk said that while he sustained multiple injuries to his abdomen and chest and scratches to his head, there were no fatal or major injuries. 


“He must have had a guardian angel that kept him alive,” the doctor said. The mother and child are truly blessed. What seemed life-threatening then will become a tale of survival for them now.

While this mother was lucky to find her son safe, another mom lost her daughter after the child fell 150-ft from the 11th floor of a cruise ship. What was supposed to be a happy memory for the family turned into the most traumatic one. This child fell from an open window unwittingly from her grandfather's hands. The 18-month-old's maternal grandfather, Salvatore Anello, was so traumatized he had to be sedated after the accident. The girl's mother has been inconsolable too. 





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