Baby Girl Enters the World by Candlelight as a Tornado Whips Around the Birthing Center

Baby Girl Enters the World by Candlelight as a Tornado Whips Around the Birthing Center

Her mother was a week overdue when she was brought in to the birthing center. Just as she was settling in for the delivery, nature decided to play a trick on her.

Most mothers will tell you that giving birth is one of the most beautiful things ever, despite all the pain and screaming in the labor room. And it truly is because every baby is born special. But there are some babies whose birth stories are no less than a miracle — like this baby girl from Texas who was brought into this world by the dim flicker of a candle under incredible circumstances.

According to CNN, Mech (last name unreleased) was a week overdue when she arrived at the Bump Birthing Center in Rowlett, Texas, on October 20, 2019. "It was a beautiful day outside, nothing to worry about," said Kasie McElhaney, the owner and lead midwife at the center in suburban Dallas. After settling in, at around 10:00 PM, Mech was ready to start pushing out her bundle of joy. However, things took a drastic turn.

"Then around 10 p.m., or a little before, it was time for her to start pushing and our phones all started going off saying there is a tornado near us," Kasie said. And there was truly one that made its touchdown in Dallas around 9:30 PM, according to news outlet. The intensity of it knocked out the power to more than 100,000 customers, and among those was the Bump Birthing Center.


With no power, tornado sirens going off and Mech ready to give birth, the staff took immediate action. According to ABC News 7, Kasie mentioned they went to work by candlelight. "We got blankets on the floor. We got supplies set up all over the room, and then candles everywhere. Once it was all done we just asked her to stand up and (told her), 'You have to come in the laundry room there's a tornado,'" she said. "The next thing Mech was on the floor," Mech's partner, Derrick said.


As a storm raged not too far away, there was another storm brewing inside the laundry room of the birthing center. "I was just so focused on the pain from the contractions," Mech said. And not long after, baby Sekani was born. "As soon as the baby came out, she [Mech] was like laughing and (said), 'I can't believe I did it,'" Kasie said. "I don't even think it really occurred to her that we were in the laundry room."


And she really wasn't aware of much apart from bringing her baby girl into their lives. She mentioned that it wasn't until she was brought back to the bed that she fully realized what happened. "I'm just so grateful," she said.

According to ABC News, the center then put up a post on Facebook highlighting this amazing moment.


Southern Living reported that thankfully, the birthing center remained standing with no damage and the electricity came on right after the new family was discharged. Both mom, Mech, and 8lb 8 oz Sekani are healthy and doing well.


What a grand entrance baby Sekani made!






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