Barack and Michelle Obama Celebrate 27 Years of Marriage | Their Sweet Anniversary Notes for Each Other Is Couple Goals

Barack and Michelle Obama Celebrate 27 Years of Marriage | Their Sweet Anniversary Notes for Each Other Is Couple Goals

30 years together, 27 of them married and the former President and First Lady are still just as in love with each other as they were when they first met.

Former President of the United States Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama celebrated their 27th anniversary on October 3, 2019. Taking to social media, both of them put up posts with heartfelt messages that makes them seem like they are still newlyweds, according to Inside Edition. They wanted to share that they are just as happy with each other as they were when they first got together.

It started with Barack Obama posting a loving tribute to his wife with a photo of both of them embracing and looking out at a sunset together. In the caption, the 58-year-old quoted a line from the popular band The Beatles' song Getting Better:


Wanting to share her sentiments and love for her husband, Michelle Obama replied with her own tweet as well as Instagram post. She put up a picture of the couple laughing while standing on a porch looking over a marina in Martha’s Vineyard, a favorite vacation spot, according to People.

On her post, she wrote, “27 years ago, this guy promised me a life full of adventure. I’d say he’s delivered. Here’s to our next chapter of becoming empty nesters and discovering what’s next — while still feeling the magic that brought us together all those years ago. Happy anniversary, Barack."


How sweet! But this isn't the first time they've publicly announced their love and adoration for each other. The two are known to share sweet messages on their special occasions, reported The Daily Mail.


From Michelle publishing a Spotify playlist dedicated to her husband on 2018 Valentine's Day to Barack sending her surprise messages during her speech at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, these two don't look like they'll slow down. After all, for the past 30 years, they've been going strong.


And it all started in 1989 when they first met in Chicago where she was assigned to him at the law firm that he had been working at for the summer during school. After three years of dating, they finally tied the knot on October 3, 1992, though the Becoming author shared that their wedding day was "nearly a disaster." Ahead of their 26th wedding anniversary, Michelle had posted a throwback photo of the couple saying, “You can’t tell it from this photo, but Barack woke up on our wedding day…with a nasty head cold,” she wrote. “Somehow, by the time I met him at the altar, it had miraculously disappeared and we ended up dancing almost all night.”


She added, “We’re still having fun, while also doing the hard work to build our partnership and support each other as individuals. I can’t imagine going on this wild ride with anybody else.” Soon enough, their family of two became four as they had their two daughters, Malia and Sasha, both of whom are attending college now, thus prompting the "empty nesters" comment.


Well, if anything, this is the perfect time for the couple to enjoy a chance at a second honeymoon without the children. Happy anniversary, Obamas!






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