Billy Joel Suffered Through 3 Painful Divorces Before He Found The True Love of His Life | "I’m Having a Happy Ending"

Billy Joel Suffered Through 3 Painful Divorces Before He Found The True Love of His Life | "I’m Having a Happy Ending"

From three broken marriages to living happily with his fourth wife and their two beautiful daughters, it has been a bumpy journey for Billy Joel, but worth it.

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If songs like Piano Man, Uptown Girl and New York State of Mind take you back in time to the good old days, then possibly the first image that comes to your mind is that of singer Billy Joel. After all, his fame skyrocketed when he belted out such hits that earned him a huge fan base. But while he had a great run in the music industry, that same luck didn't particularly carry over into his love life.

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It took him three failed marriages and tons of heartbreak before he finally found the one woman he truly loved, Alexis Roderick. And for him, their age gap of 33 years made no difference to the connection they felt for each other.

Once upon a time

 All was well on the musical front for the star, but the musician's love life failed to see the same success. It was in 1892 that Joel had had his first divorce, sometime before the release of his popular album, Innocent Man. Soon enough, the hit artist had gone through two more marriages and divorces, something that was big news in various gossip rags. His third divorce with wife Katie Lee happened in 2009, an event that everyone knew about.



Yet the one thing he managed to keep a complete secret from the media was the relationship with the woman who would go on to become his fourth wife, someone he had known for many years prior. According to LA Times, Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick had been dating since 2009, shortly after Joel's third divorce. It was a true accomplishment considering how the artist could pack a full house no matter where he went. Though close friends knew about his love with Roderick, the public only found out much later. Not long after, the couple tied the knot in 2015 but did so with a twist.



What's so special about the way they got married?

Guests who had been invited for a party the couple were hosting were in for a shock. The couple “surprised guests at their annual July 4th party by exchanging vows in front of their family and close friends,” the singer’s spokeswoman said in a statement to People. Joel's daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, from his second wife, even took to Instagram to share a few words and observations about her father.


"After six years of quiet yet unrelenting devotion / A surprise wedding sets their undivided promise in motion./ I've never seen Pop more besotted yet contented / Nor his Darling, more luminously glowing / And, sufficed to say / On this glimmering gold-coast day / Many a tear on my hopelessly-romantic cheek was flowing... #GoldCoastGlimmerings #LoveAndLetLove," she wrote.


Joel doesn't want to make the same mistakes he made before

When it came to his marriages, the pianist told Parade that fame had been one of the causes of the breakdowns. "I had to work. I was on the road. I was gone all the time. It’s not good for a relationship. I ended up doing what my dad did. He was never home." And now that he has two more daughters, Della and Remy, with Roderick, an equestrian, it's changed.

"I wanted to be a home dad, which I am now. I have two little kids, and if I’m not working at the Garden or at a stadium, I’m home with them," the 70-year-old Storm Front artist added.


And according to the magazine, he is happiest when he is "at home with my children. I love being with my little kids." As for how he feels about his life now, being married to the woman who is his soulmate, it's a happy ending.


When asked what his proudest achievement is, he replied, "My ability to move on with life. I’ve had difficulties in my life, but it never stopped me from continuing. I’ve had divorces, it didn’t stop me marrying again. Troubles with business didn’t stop me from doing business. I have no bitterness about anything, even people who rip me off, I let it go. I’m content with that. I’m happy. I’m having a happy ending."


Here's to many more years of his happy ending.