Fun Test: Birth Date Reveals a Person's Strongest and Weakest Traits, According to Numerology

Fun Test: Birth Date Reveals a Person's Strongest and Weakest Traits, According to Numerology

Numerology can reveal to us our life's purpose and the path we are supposed to take to feel fulfilled.

Finding out the mystical stuff from our birth dates can be made simple. In the system of Numerology, there is a belief that observing patterns in numbers that show up in your daily lives can reveal a lot to us. It can help us understand our inner world better. One of those numbers is one that can be found by adding the numbers that make up our birthdate until we get a single number i.e. lifepath numbers. Each lifepath number can be associated with a certain kind of personality.

What are lifepath or personality numbers?

This number is the sum of your birthdate. It shows us who we are at birth and our innate traits. It also tells us about the kind of journey we will go on in our lives and our purpose in this life. It will unveil the essence of your being and probably help you find more meaning. 

This is what your birth date reveals about you: 

Personality 1

This person values individuality, independence, and autonomy. They like to be alone or ahead of the pack. They like to be in charge and in control of the situation and the people around them. When they see that something is not so, they might find themselves floundering. One of the main problems they might face during their life will be to look out for others and not be entirely focused on themselves. They can be stubborn and might expect everything to go their way. 

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Personality 2 

This individual wants to find balance in all spheres of their life. Whether it's business or love, they want to create harmony and connect with people. There are deep wells of emotional strength in these people, who act as peacemakers in the society. They are great listeners and mediators. They understand both sides of the coin and want to create unity with their persuasive skills. They prefer using their softer skills than aggression. It can make them conflict-avoidant at times. Any hint of conflict can make them nervous.

Personality 3 

These people are social butterflies who are a ton of fun to be around. They love putting a positive spin on everything, which can remove them from reality at times. They have boundless creativity and wonderful communication skills, in writing, speaking, and even acting. Some of the best entertainers have this lifepath. They are charming and energetic individuals. On the downside, they can be narcissistic or superficial. 

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Personality 4

The fours value structure and discipline. They have a great need for security in their lives that motivates most of their actions. They are the builders and fixers of society thanks to their practical outlook. They are down-to-earth and trustworthy individuals who lay the foundations of any community. Fours are idealistic and talented people who will work hard until they achieve their dream. They can be seen as stubborn at times or conservative. However, because they maintain rigidity in all that they do, they could come across as narrow-minded.

Personality 5 

These people have some of the most rational and progressive attitudes. They crave freedom and independence. They are adventurous people with a scientific bent of mind. Often, they seek answers to deeper questions. They are on a constant journey of change and self-growth. They have a great amount of compassion in their heart.  Sometimes, they can feel pulled towards their multiple talents and become directionless. American President Abraham Lincoln was a number 5.

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Personality 6

These individuals are the nurturers who take pleasure in their domesticity. They have a maternal or paternal instinct, which makes them protective of others. They are also believers in being of service to others. They are responsible people who want the community to be well-sheltered. More often than not, they have conservative instincts when it comes to their role in the family. They are devoted and loyal as well, however, they can come off as dogmatic at times. 

Personality 7

Their intuition guides them through life. They are spiritual people who are introspective and imaginative. Sometimes, it is difficult for them to listen to their practical selves. They can be peaceful and affectionate souls. However, they are careful not to get too close to people too soon, because they like to discern the insincere ones. In fact, authenticity is one of their top priorities in all spheres of life. They can be very charming and quick-witted with those they are close to. Their need for authenticity from others makes them very picky and this might seem somewhat elitist to others.

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Personality 8

Eights have a deep connection with power and authority. They value material success primarily and it can be hard for them at times to know when to let go of control. These individuals are ambitious and goal-oriented who know how to direct and lead others. They are great at managing their environment and sometimes workaholics. They are confident and are generally the provider in the relationship. However, they can seem dictatorial at times and might come off as seeking only material gain. 

Personality 9

People with lifepath number 9 are born to be humanitarians. They are compassionate, understanding, and sometimes, naive. They are idealistic in their minds, but externally neutral towards everyone. They want to do something to uplift the state of those less fortunate. Since nine is the highest single-digit number, all lessons take a cumulative effect on them. They have lofty goals towards improving the state of mankind. Many nines grapple with being far too selfless, having no personal ambition, and lack of taking care of their own needs. 

Don't know what's your personality number? Use this tool and find out your strengths and weaknesses. 

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