The Price is Right's Bob Barker Honored His Late Wife on Her 36th Death Anniversary in This Touching Way Despite Poor Health

The Price is Right's Bob Barker Honored His Late Wife on Her 36th Death Anniversary in This Touching Way Despite Poor Health

Even though he has spent a large part of his life in front of the public, people don't know a lot about him, especially his devotion to his wife Dorothy, who he met when he was just 15.

Bob Barker is known for his iconic role as a game show host, as an animal lover and as a WWII veteran. In a career spanning 50 years, he became a household name as the host of The Price is Right, a show he hosted for 35 years.


In fact, so popular was he that it took a long time for a replacement to be found for the show, a role that ultimately went to sitcom star Drew Carey.  Barker's also hosted NBC’s Truth or Consequences for 18 years (1956-74). The Washington-born, South Dakota-raised star has also emceed End of the Rainbow, The Family Game, Simon Says, That’s My Line.

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Even though he has spent a large part of his life in the public eye, there is a lot that people don’t know about him.  For instance, the now 95-year-old was once married to his childhood sweetheart and lost her 38 years ago to cancer. But he still finds ways to honor her.


The retired TV host honored his wife, Dorothy Jo Gideon, on the 36th anniversary of her death by visiting her grave at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles. He brought a large bouquet of daisies for her and cleaned the grave, but he reportedly collapsed in grief there. He was there for 20 minutes with a caretaker. His friends were worried about him and he eventually recovered. 


"Bob never got over Dorothy Jo’s death from lung cancer," said a source to Radar Online. "They were married 36 years and she was the love of his life. He never remarried. He and Dorothy Jo were together since age 15 and he told me, 'I just felt there should only ever be one Mrs. Bob Barker'," said a source.


The now frail man has had many health scares, including two strokes. This year, he suffered from a back injury and has experienced a lot of pain because of it. "The next fall could be deadly - and Bob knows it," an insider told Radar Online. "But he's not afraid. He said, 'When it's my time, I'm ready to die'," according to the source, adding, "I think he can’t wait for the day when he and Dorothy can be reunited."


She had been a commercial jingle singer who succumbed to lung cancer at the age of 57. He was only a year older but never fell for anyone enough to commit for the rest of his life. The 19-time Emmy winner was 93 when he was photographed at the memorial site, according to Daily Mail.

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They have an adorable love story that lasted decades before she passed away. Bob was 15 when he had his first date with Dorothy aka DJ at an Ella Fitzgerald concert in Missouri. Even though they were young, they had found love. In 1945, the couple eloped when he was on leave from the Navy where he was a fighter pilot during WWII. The couple never had any children, but he didn't need anyone else to remind him of her. She lives in his heart forever.



Even though she passed away 38 years ago their love is strong. They are still together in spirit and his actions show their powerful bond. She had been a large influence in his life and his love for animals comes from her. He once said that she was ahead of her times. Even after quitting the game show, he returned thrice to talk about his animal rights work, according to the blast. This is something that will always keep them attached. Even when he was fumbling and falling, he showed up for his wife's death anniversary and that shows how much he misses her until now.





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