Brave Dog Swims through Floods to Help Young Boy with Autism “Hanging onto a Pole” | “He’s a Living Sweetie”

Brave Dog Swims through Floods to Help Young Boy with Autism “Hanging onto a Pole” | “He’s a Living Sweetie”

Both the dog and the boy got away safely, and Cooper only had a minor scratch on his back!

With a rainfall of 17 inches pouring down Humphreys County on August 21, 2021, the city of Wavery soon began to see a rise in the level of water, which caused floods. It left at least 20 people dead and destroyed over 250 homes and countless businesses.

Along with the people who got swept away by the water was Cooper, a six-year-old Great Pyrenees-Labrador mix. Despite being in danger himself, the four-legged hero spotted a young man with Autism and acted as a savior to him, says News Channel 5

The young boy said he was desperately clinging to a pole when the dog saw him and swam through the floodwaters to his side. The man said he was able to hold onto the dog until they were both rescued by a boat. 

He said he has no doubt the dog helped save his life.

Image Source: Facebook | Concerned Citizens of Humphreys County

According to I Heart Dogs, local resident Zaneta Warren shared the boy’s story in the Concerned Citizens of Humphreys County Facebook group. “He has a bit of a story behind him told to me by a young autistic man who was on the boat with him."

"He said that when he was hanging onto a pole, the dog came down the creek and managed to swim over to him. He said this dog saved my life, he swam to me and made me hold on. He held on to this baby too until the rescue boat got to them. He is such an awesome, well-mannered dog, he deserves steaks and bacon!"

A member of the rescue crew also told Daily Mail that Cooper was found nestled up to a young boy who was caught in the water and desperately holding onto a wall.


Both the dog and the boy got away safely, except for a small scratch Cooper had on his back. 

However, no one had come to claim the brave dog, and so he was taken to the Waverly Animal Clinic, which is owned by Dr. Jessica Peek. While in her care, Cooper received treatment fit for a hero, she assured. “We’ve been calling him Big Hero Dog all week long. He’s a living sweetie and we’ve been giving him lots of treats, telling him he’s a hero.”

While Cooper was living the good life at Wavery clinic, Caitlyn Rochelle was desperate to find her pet's whereabouts. Finally, she came across a post telling him where he was and she was beyond relieved to know he was safe. 


Apparently, Cooper was with Rochelle's dad when he was "swept away" by the floods after a tree crashed through her roof and the water flooded into her house. "Everything we had we lost," she said.

But, when she heard of Cooper's bravery, she got emotional. "It was no surprise that he saw someone else in distress and went after him."

"He's always been a good dog, a great emotional support animal," she explained. "When my dad and I get depression, Cooper senses it and sits and lays his head on us." This just goes on to show that dogs will always be selfless, even though he was in absolute danger as well. 






Cover Image Source: Facebook | Concerned Citizens of Humphreys County

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