Bras and Breast Shapes | There Are Different Breast Shapes and These Are the Bras That May Be Best for Each Shape

Bras and Breast Shapes | There Are Different Breast Shapes and These Are the Bras That May Be Best for Each Shape

The right kind of bra can make or break an outfit. And the key to finding the right bra may be to figure out your breast shape.

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Finding the right bra is sometimes more difficult than finding the right man. Either the fit isn't right or the fabric isn't comfy. Some make your breasts look shapeless whereas others don't give you enough support leaving you with aching shoulders and back. And that's more due to the fact that every woman's breast shape and type is different, and it's important to wear the bra that's suitable for that type. Wearing the wrong kind of bra can have many harmful repercussions like breast pain, as per a study, the prevalence, severity, and impact of breast pain in the general population. The wrong bra can cause shoulder and back pain. It can also damage breast skin usually seen as stretch marks, according to Joanna Wakefield-Scurr, Professor of Biomechanics, University of Portsmouth.


You might have some bras in your drawer which look great, but you don't wear them because they just don't fit right. You are not the only one. As per a study, published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 85% of the participants were wearing ill-fitting bras. We focus on bras for our size without taking into account the shape of your breast.


Experts at ThirdLove, who are professionals at finding the right bras for customers, told Glamour that there are seven types of breasts and each type has certain bra/s that would fit well. Here are the seven types of breasts and the ideal bra type. Find out yours now:


1. Slender

Slender breasts, plunge bra | Source: Illustration

This breast shape looks narrow and long with the nipples pointing downwards, according to Healthline. It is more narrow than wide and can be a small cup size. The best kind of bra for this type would be the plunge bra. It would give your breasts the right support and lift. You could find a bra with padding on the outer curve to give it a more defined look if that is what you are aiming for, as per Glamour.


2. Teardrop

Teardrop breast | Source: Illustration

If your breast looks round and is fuller at the bottom than the top, then you have a teardrop shape. If there was any breast type that could be called "normal," it would be this one. That doesn't mean any of the other types are not normal. Any bra style would work for this type of breasts. So you can really shop for what you prefer based on coverage and lift. Whether it means wearing a full-cup or demi, push-up or plunge, it is all up to your comfort.


3. Round 

Round breasts, seamless bra | Source: Illustration

If your breasts look equally full at the top and at the bottom, you have round breasts. Since, they are full and round already, a bra that doesn't add any extra padding would work well. So a bra that is thin, unlined, and provides light coverage would be ideal, according to Glamour. The fabric would stick close to the actual shape, which doesn't need any push-up or shaping.


4. East-West 

East-west brests, t-shirt bra | Source: Illustration

If your breasts are shaped so that your nipples point towards the outward side of your body, away from the center of your body, then your breast type is the East-West. It is likely to leave some space in the center, between your breasts. For breasts of this type, a T-shirt bra would be the right fit to give it the right shape and lift.


5. Bell 

Bell-shaped breasts, full-coverage bra | Source: Illustration

If your breasts are bell-shaped, it means it's narrow on the top and rounder and fuller at the bottom. The right bra for this type would be a full-coverage style, which shapes the breast well. Those with this breast shape are usually bustier and the full coverage bras can provide good lift for the breasts.

6. Asymmetrical 

Asymmetrical breasts, bras with inserts | Source: Illustration

When people have breasts of two different sizes visibly, your breast type is asymmetrical. Many people have different-sized breasts, but it can be hard to tell. Some people have uneven cup sizes and more than half have some differences between their breasts, according to Healthline. Those with this bra shape are likely to feel most comfortable with bras with removable inserts, which help to even out the chest.

7. Wide-set 

Wide-set breasts, plunge bras | Source: Illustration

If you have breasts that are set further apart and have considerable space between them, then you have wide-set breasts. These breasts are fuller than the East-West type but are still pointed towards the outer part of the body. A plunge style bra will bring them closer and give them the lift necessary. 







Disclaimer : This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.