Bride Asks Her 4 Grandmothers to Be Flower Girls at Her Wedding | The Adorable Photos Will Melt Your Heart

Bride Asks Her 4 Grandmothers to Be Flower Girls at Her Wedding | The Adorable Photos Will Melt Your Heart

The bride's thoughtful gesture is now a story inspiring many.

All of us who have been lucky enough to grow up around our grandparents know the joy of having the warmth and comfort that they can provide a child. The love and kindness they showed us often stays with us forever. We also tend to carry their precious lessons within us and fall on their wisdom when life gets tricky. Not everyone is lucky enough to have such moments of bonding in childhood. Fewer still are lucky enough to have their grandparents present at their wedding. 

A 24-year-old Tennessee bride was lucky to have four grandmothers as part of her wedding. Lyndsey Raby knew having them around was special enough but she decided to pay an ode to them by deciding to make them the flower girls! And what a lovely bunch of flower girls the beautiful ladies made at Ocoee Crest, Tennessee, on 22 September 2019. The precious moments were captured by photographer Natalie Caho. 



The four flower girls looked dapper and adorable as they walked ahead of the bride sprinkling flowers and their charm around as the completely fascinated guests watched them

The flower girls were  (left to right) Lyndsey's 90 YO maternal great-grandmother, Kathleen Brown; groom Tanner's 72 YO paternal grandmother, Joyce Raby; the bride's 76-year-old paternal grandmother, Wanda Grant; the bride's 72 YO maternal grandmother, Betty Brown. 



"Everyone is still talking about my flower girls," Lyndsey told TODAY Style, feeling no envy at sharing the attention. "I’m so lucky," the 24 YO bride gushed. "A lot of women don’t get one grandparent at their wedding and I was blessed to have all of them." 

All of the grandmothers wore matching pale-blue dresses, while Betty dubbed the "proper one" insisted that the gowns be floor-length. The bride added that she got the idea of involving the older women in the wedding party when she was looking for inspiration on Pinterest. 


"Betty made it clear she didn't want her legs showing," said the bride, who works as a receptionist. But Kathleen Brown, Betty's mother and the bride's great-grandmother, would probably have been okay with a shorter hemline, she said. 

"My great-grandmother is the sassiest little thing in the world. She’s single and always looking for a man," joked the bride. Kathleen loves sweets and hides Moon Pies and Little Debbie cakes in her dishwasher, she adds as a cue to potential suitors. 



"They’re all besties now and talking on Facebook," she said talking of her now-husband Tanner, and how he bonded with the four of them at their wedding. Family is the most important thing to all of us," she added. 



According to ABC, the doting granddaughter explained how although her grandmas were shy to dance, they loved every bit of being flower girls and thoroughly enjoyed the task of showering flowers and posing for photos.


“I do believe they were more excited than my bridesmaids,” Lyndsey told HuffPost. That is hard to say, as her bridesmaids looked equally ecstatic to be part of the wedding. 



Photographer Natalie Caho shared one of the images on her Instagram, writing, “I’ve seen a lot of cute flower girls in my day, but these four gals take the cake.” Natalie echoed Lyndsey's sentiment that she was lucky. 


"Most girls are lucky to even have one grandmother present. And the fact that [Lyndsey] had four was a big deal that she wanted to savor," she added. 

After being part of a beautiful wedding that touched the hearts of hundreds of people, Lyndsey has a piece of advice for those considering adding their grandmothers to their wedding party. She tells them to do it because "it means so much to them and it will mean so much more to you." 



The beautiful and thoughtful bride had the perfect wedding. The beautiful shades of fall played a great background as the women stole the show with their radiant smiles and happy hearts.



Here's to a happy married life, Lyndsey and Tanner! 






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