Bride Accused of Tying Her One-Year-Old Daughter to Wedding Dress Train and Dragging Her Down the Aisle as the Baby Slept

Bride Accused of Tying Her One-Year-Old Daughter to Wedding Dress Train and Dragging Her Down the Aisle as the Baby Slept

The bride and her family cleared that this was done only for a photograh and that she didn't walk down the aisle dragging the little one, but it was of no use.

For a bride, there's nothing more special than the day of their wedding, and it's only natural for them to want all their loved ones to be a part of their big day. One bride from Tennessee made sure everyone close to her heart was a part of her ceremony, including her 1-month-old daughter.

The bride, Shona Carter-Brooks from Jackson, walked down the aisle with her newborn baby, but not really in a way one would expect. She placed her daughter on the train of her dress while walking towards her beau standing at the altar. "She didn't plan it. If she did, she didn't tell anyone about it," her sister, Marcy Wright said, according to WREG.

While most of the guests at the wedding were amazed by the idea, not everyone was pleased. Some claimed that this was very dangerous while others lashed out at the mother for being extremely careless. 

Defending her idea of making her daughter a part of her wedding ceremony, Shona took to social media to share why she did what she did.


"The answer is we do what we want when we want long as Jesus on our side everything worked out fine and gone continue to be fine. Our 1 month old was awake and well secured on my train. Most important while yall got ya feelings in us we had our hearts in Christ which covers all!! So keep ya mouths running for it was just that Exclusive and Epic enough we made top blog way from small-town Ripley, TN, and the social media doing what they do, TALK!!!!"

Wright then clarified that the little one, named Aubrey, was only placed on the train of her mother's dress for a photo to be taken and was then picked up before Carter-Brooks continued to walk down the aisle. Other members of the family also jumped to the bride's defense. 

"People just saw the picture and said, 'Oh! The baby's being dragged up the aisle!' The baby was not dragged," Shona's cousin, Jeffrey Preston said. "The baby was laid on the train for a photo shot of them coming into the church." Jeffrey, while addressing some of the unreasonable comments his cousin received, added, "People are blowing it out of proportion, like she had her baby by the arm just dragging it down the aisle," while Marcy said, "Some of it is just outrageous and ridiculous".



One friend who attended the wedding shared, "Shona and Johnathan Brooks your wedding were super perfect from the groom and his men and you and your diva’s baby you rock the gown and the princess tagging behind you it brought tears to my eyes. Regardless of anybody else dream yours came true. I loved it and thank you for inviting me."

"I thought it was beautiful," said Jeffrey. "If we could do it again, we'd do it again!"



Cover Image Source (Representative): Getty Images | Vanya Dudumova | EyeEm

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