Bride's Happiest Day Turns Into a Tragedy After Groom Is Shot Dead by Two Guests on Wedding Day After Altercation

Bride's Happiest Day Turns Into a Tragedy After Groom Is Shot Dead by Two Guests on Wedding Day After Altercation

On the second day of the wedding celebration, there was an altercation between the groom and two guests, which ended in a tragedy.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 8, 2021. It has since been updated.

A woman thinks about her wedding day from the time she's a little girl. She plans out the design of the dress, the bridesmaids she would have, their dresses, the number of guests, and even the wedding venue... everything. The only thing missing is usually the groom.


Years pass by and she finds the one she is ready to grow old with, in good and bad days. That's probably what Christina thought when she walked down the aisle with the man of her dreams. However, all her dreams and hopes were snatched from her, the moment she saw her husband slump to the floor, bleeding.

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The bride was widowed at her wedding celebration after her groom, 34-year-old Radu Cordinianu, was shot dead by two guests at the celebration. The day that was supposed to be her most memorable one turned into an unforgettable event because of a tragedy, as per The Sun.


In the video footage from that day, the newlywed couple could be seen enjoying their day with guests at a country club in the village of Vlasovo, 40km west of Moscow. They were dancing and laughing, enjoying the musical firework display with a hug, unaware that a tragedy was about to befall them. Just like traditional Russian weddings that last from two days to a week, Christina and Radu's wedding was also a two-day celebration. But an argument that broke out on the second day left the groom dead. His brother Philip Cordinianu, 36 also passed away because of the violence that broke out at the wedding celebration on January 22.

As per records, the Cordinianu brothers were shot dead by two guests identified as Alexey D. and Vladimir D, who were also brothers. Radu and Philip got into an altercation with the suspects which escalated so fast that Alexey and Vladimir fired six or seven gunshots at the Cordinianu brothers, leaving them dead at the scene. Alex and Vladimir were detained in Moscow the following day.


Christina, who lost everything in a matter of seconds, took to Instagram to express her grief and penned, “How am I going to live without you, my beloved man? I will always be your wife. I promise. You are my only one. We will be together forever. Just be there, look at me from above, and I will fulfill all our dreams for you so that you are proud of me." She concluded her tribute by writing, “Sleep well, my dear, and I will try to survive this pain.”

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Many expressed their condolences to Christina. The investigation of the tragic incident is underway.