Bride Sends out Someone Else in a Wedding Dress in Her Place | Groom's Reaction Is Priceless When He Sees Who It Is

Bride Sends out Someone Else in a Wedding Dress in Her Place | Groom's Reaction Is Priceless When He Sees Who It Is

He expected that the beautiful woman he was about to marry was going to be the first sight he saw as he turned back. Instead, he was in for the shock of his life.

Walking down the aisle in her white gown, the bride becomes the most stunning vision for the groom. The moment he looks at her, the entire crowd fades away. That first look at her is quite possibly one of the most emotional moments in his life and a few tears just might escape, even if he doesn't admit it. But this particular groom bust a gut laughing as he turned back to see his "bride" walking down the aisle.

According to Daily Mail, Logan Martin, a Kentucky resident, was waiting nervously at the altar for the moment that his bride would come out. When he turned to see his to-be wife, Megan Martin in her bridal finery, he burst out in uncontrollable laughter.


The reason? He was stunned to see his buff best man Ryan Sowder in a white strapless gown. And the images captured by photographer K.Herman will have you laughing just as hard.


Logan did not think that his bride, Megan could have possibly pranked him so hard on such a special day. Like any other groom, he was jittery, anxious, nervous and excited to see his beautiful girl in a wedding gown. “I was building with anticipation the whole time I was outside waiting for Megan,” he said to Fox News. And then out came his best man in white in place of his bride.


“When I turned around and saw Ryan, I couldn’t help but to double over with laughter. Seeing your best man in a wedding dress is not a situation you can be prepared for," said Logan.


The photos captured the astonished groom who broke out into laughter. "I was completely shocked," said the groom. He was not the only one laughing though as the two best friends held on to each other as they guffawed. With the mood much lighter, Megan did arrive looking gorgeous in white and the couple exchanged their vows.


Her prank was certainly the highlight of the wedding, second only to the emotional moment the couple tied the knot. "When Megan asked me to do this prank on Logan there was no way I could turn it down," said Ryan. Logan even joked that his best man did a great job with the dress. “All-in-all, I think he wore the dress well,” he said.


The photographs that were posted on Facebook were suddenly placed under the spotlight as it grabbed the attention of several people. Where one commented, "That is so awesome!!!"  another wrote, "This is hilarious. I’ve never seen anything like this."

At the time of this publication, the post had 243 comments and 1K shares. “It was awesome!” said the photographer.






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