Bride's Father Died Shortly Before Her Wedding | When It Was Time for the Father-Daughter Dance, Her Brother's Surprise Left Her in Tears

Bride's Father Died Shortly Before Her Wedding | When It Was Time for the Father-Daughter Dance, Her Brother's Surprise Left Her in Tears

It was a bittersweet day for Andrea, who marrying her love, but without her dear dad to walk her down the aisle. But the men in her family weren't going to let her miss the father-daughter dance.

Her first superhero, her first supporter, her first critic, her first confidante and forever her DAD. The relationship between a father and a daughter is one of the most fulfilling relationships that we ever experience in our lives. He is the wind beneath her wings and the reason behind her smiles. As a father grows older, his love and fondness for his daughter know no bounds. The daughter also hopes and dreams to, one day, walk the aisle holding her father's arm on her big day and share her moment of joy with him by dancing together during the father-daughter dance ceremony.

Andrea also wished the same, but destiny had a cruel plot to execute. Days before her wedding, Andrea's father Mark, died of pancreatic cancer. It was a moment of both pain and joy when Andrea dressed as a bride to exchange vows with her beloved but did not have her father around to walk her down the aisle.


However, Andrea's brother did something for her, which not only touched her but made her wedding the most memorable event of her life. Most of us don't realize how important and cherished our siblings are to us until they are the only support we have and they do everything to make us feel special and loved.

On her wedding, Luke made sure that Andrea does not miss out on the father-daughter dance ceremony - by recording a song for her and requesting the men in her family to dance with her one by one. As Luke started his speech by saying, "We're missing someone pretty important... so, I decided I wanted to do something special for Andrea and not only for Andrea but for dad," Andrea burst into tears.


Luke recorded the song Butterfly Kisses, which was Andrea and her father's special song. As the song began an elderly gentleman danced with Andrea while slowly patting her back as she wept uncontrollably. One by one, the men in her family danced with her. Needless to mention, there wasn't a single dry eye across the room, such was the moment.


The last dance was saved for Luke. Both of them were overwhelmed with numerous emotions; they shared a light moment together during the dance where Luke burst out in a little mellow laughter and Andrea looked at him with admiration in her eyes.

The video had been shared in 2012 and has been watched over 25 million times ever since.


While the new bride could not have her father present for her wedding, her brother made sure she never missed him and realized that she is loved and cherished by all of them. Brothers like Luke are truly angels!

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