This Is What It Means if One Spots Butterflies Often | They Are Beautiful Creatures That Have a Spiritual Message

This Is What It Means if One Spots Butterflies Often | They Are Beautiful Creatures That Have a Spiritual Message

Some people believe they are a sign of their deceased loved ones or even guiding angels.

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Butterflies are fascinating creatures, aren't they? With their delicate wings and vibrant colors, they often symbolize transformation because of how they become such magical things from mere caterpillars. They are one of the most beautiful beings created by God.

Butterflies exude beauty and change and according to the Speaking Tree, whenever a large number of them is witnessed, it usually means opportunities for growth and excellence. The little creature also symbolizes perseverance, diversity, and confidence.


Some people believe that butterflies are a sign that their deceased loved ones are looking out for them or their guiding angels are sending them a message. Their magical presence in real life or in your dreams could be a sign of what they're trying to convey to you.

1. A big change is coming your way

Butterflies are not born beautiful. They go through a long journey and transform into one. Just like a butterfly, you too learn through your experiences whether good or bad and transform into a person who is a better version of themselves. The butterfly you see could be a sign of a hidden change or growth you could be experiencing right now and have not noticed, according to the Speaking Tree.


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2. It's time for you to be free

When you look at butterflies, just like birds, they seem to be free and happy, gliding from one flower to the other. They feed on these flowers and spread pollens all around making space for a new life. When you see butterflies around you, they could be telling you that you work hard all day, you give everything for your family, your time, your patience and whatnot. So, maybe it's time for you to take a break and set yourself free. If due to some circumstances you're keeping yourself away from opportunities and people, it's time to open up, let go off of the fear and encourage yourself to move on and embrace the new you.


3. Live life to the fullest

These beautiful animals only live for a week or two. But even with their short span of life, they look like they enjoy their lives. They teach us to live in the present and enjoy every moment because life is short. You cannot hold time in your fist, it's like sand, the tighter you try to hold on to it, the faster it slips away. So, learn from our fellow butterflies and revel in every moment that you spend on this earth.


4. Recognize the beauty within

The butterfly's journey begins as a caterpillar. It's only when it reaches the pupal state that it transforms into the beauty that it is. The vibrant colors and interesting patterns are an outcome of the time it spends in the cocoon. In the same way, we humans tend to hide away the parts of us that we don't like but instead we should dive into our innermost self and try to change those things into positives in order to feel good and love ourselves entirely. After all, our body is a reflection of how we are deep within.


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5. Don’t lose hope

The caterpillar's journey inside the cocoon isn't an easy one. It's dark inside, they are all alone trying to survive on their own. Even for emerging out of the cocoon, they have to struggle before they can fly. But once they spread their wings, it's the most beautiful sight ever, isn't it? Well, there you go, that's a lesson to us that even in the darkest of days, there's always a time when everything will be alright. The butterfly is telling you exactly that.


6. Always be yourself

Have you ever tried holding a butterfly in your hand? They leave an impression behind. A bit of powdered color or a little pattern of their design on your fingers. In the same way, you can leave an impression on the people you meet every day without any effort if you just be yourself. Extend your wings, carefree, forget what the world thinks about you and just live in a way that would make you happy.


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