Celine Dion's Advice for Those Coping With the Loss of a Loved One Shows How Life Can Only Make You Stronger

Celine Dion's Advice for Those Coping With the Loss of a Loved One Shows How Life Can Only Make You Stronger

While the singer still misses her husband dearly, she only allows his memories to make her stronger.

Celine Dion's is an exemplary love story. Not just because she was married to the love of her life till his last day but also because she is still very passionate about the memories they made together and their story.

Theirs was an unconventional love story where they let love be the hero and at no point did they let the societal norms shake their belief in one another. Not only did they make an inspiring career for the singer together but they also nurtured a family and their relationship.

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Canadian music producer and Dion's husband René Angélil battled cancer twice in his life, during which she stood like a rock beside him and also put her career on hold both the times. Sadly, Angélil could not survive his last battle and left Dion and their two children forever in 2016.

Her husband's passing broke Dion's heart. He is the only partner and the strongest male influence she ever had in her life, but now she was alone. But being the strong woman she is, she did not let it crumble her spirit down. Dion said if there’s any advice she could give to someone trying to overcome tremendous loss just as she did, she says, “You cannot stop living. Go forward. And today’s the first day of the beginning of my life because I know that, I don’t have to worry.”

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And this is exactly what she did! She knew that she had a family to look after and care for. In an interview with ABC News, she said that she has started looking at life from a renewed perspective and energy. She is carrying out the responsibilities of both a mom and a dad and as they are growing up, she feels proud of her kids and the values they have bestowed on them.

“The kids are growing, and I see them. And I look at them and I’m like, ‘Wow … we’ve done a great job,'” Dion said, “And I’m so proud.”

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While many thought that Dion would permanently bring her career to a halt after her husband's demise, she proved that she could never let the fire within her fizzle. Not only is she an immensely talented singer but she is also the dream that her husband saw with her and she would never let him down.

She said, “I understand that my career was in a way his masterpiece. The idea of leaving it unfinished would hurt him terribly. I realized that if he ever left us, I would have to continue without him, for him.” She went on to say, that her passion for her craft has only grown through the years and she has so much fun doing what she does.

“[I] don’t need to prove myself to the industry, to my family, to my friends, because I think I have done it for many years,” she said, “I do it because my passion has grown through the years. And now I do it because I have so much fun!”

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Earlier she was asked in an interview with Andy Cohen whether she thinks about getting married again or dating, to which she gave a heartwarming reply. She said, "I do not date, I do not have a boyfriend. If I do find someone, great. If I don't, great. Because I'm still in love, once you are in love so much... I have lived all my life with René, he is still within me. I see him through the eyes of my children every day. I'm so passionate about life. I'm so lucky to have my three beautiful children."

While a lot of us find ourselves lost in grief over the loss of a loved one, Dion shows that you should not allow the grief to break you to point of no return. You have to live for yourself, for the ones who love you and for the departed soul whose legacy you have to carry forward.





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