2021 Is the Year of the Metal Ox | What Does the New Year Have in Store for You, According to Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

2021 Is the Year of the Metal Ox | What Does the New Year Have in Store for You, According to Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Chinese zodiac can reveal how the next year will be different from the current one. It might be better for some people than others.

Ring out the old, ring in the new! We're saying goodbye to the year of the Rat soon and welcoming the year of the Metal Ox. The Chinese zodiac sign Rat is all about change and renewal and saying that 2020 was different would be an understatement. The same change might carry over into the next year but the year of the Ox also ensures success to those who are willing to do the work. 

"It’s hard work, duty, discipline," Susan Levitt, a professional astrologer and author of five books, including Taoist Astrology, told Reader's Digest. "In agricultural societies, oxen are reliable and strong work animals. They were responsible for the survival of humanity. So what was happening in this Rat year continues over into the Ox year to complete it, ground it, bring it to its resolution."

If you're wondering what your Chinese zodiac sign is, you just need to know your birth year to know that. 

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Here is how each of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs will be affected in 2021, the year of the Metal Ox:

1. Rat

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The next year of the Rat will be in 2032 but that doesn't mean 2021 won't be your year. While it's hard to say how good it will be, the year of the Ox should be kind to you. "Expect a year with fewer hardships and troubles because Rat is Ox’s good friend," Levitt says. "But [Ox] is going to want a larger contribution at work. Rat is going to have to follow through and put forth a little more effort this year."

2. Ox

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This is your year but what does that mean for you? Other zodiac signs will have to toil hard to reap any benefits this year but you have been working tenaciously for years and it's finally time for you to benefit from it. "[It will be] a positive and productive year when their hard work is rewarded," Levitt says. "It’s also an excellent year for having a child, starting a family, and marriage for the Ox."

3. Tiger

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Expect all your wishes to come true in 2022, but in 2021, you will be crossing the Ts and dotting the Is. You need to make the final touches to your years of hard work for it to be complete and give you rewards. The final stretch might be harder than the rest of the time you have been toiling. "It can be frustrating for Tiger," Levitt explains, "because Ox requires Tiger to work hard and become serious. But if Tiger controls their temper and isn’t too rebellious, it could be a very good year for them."

4. Rabbit

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These creatures may seem cute and cuddly to us but those born under the year of the Rabbit are noble and elegant. 2021 might be a lucky, especially in financial matters, year for this zodiac sign. It will also be a more creative time for you. It could also signal the birth of a child. The coming year will be full of passion, warmth, love, and the joy of life for you.

5. Dragon

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It's likely that 2020 was lucky for you, dear Dragon, but the coming year can be harder. You will have to work harder for what you want in 2021, just like the others. "Expect a year of steady progress in the reaping of activities begun in the previous Rat year," Levitt says. "Under Ox’s influence, Dragon must work, not just dream," she added. Since the Ox is all about getting their hands dirty to get something done, and it is their year, the mighty dragons will also have to get down on the ground.

6. Snake

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If you have been planning to get something done for a long time, 2021 is the time to put it into action. But first, think about it carefully and come up with a clear plan for making your wishes and ideas a reality, as per thechinesezodiac.org. "Snake in Ox year is fortunate because Snake is in a harmony triangle with Ox and Rooster," Levitt told RD. "Unlike the previous Rat year, Snake’s work will be rewarded."

7. Horse

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The past year may have been harder than any others in a long time, and that is because the Rat is the Horse’s natural opposite. The year of the Ox won't be as hard for you if you maintain control over your personal life. Your friends and family will be supportive of whatever you want to do this year. Romance might take a back seat but that's only because you want to focus on other important parts of your life.

8. Goat

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Just like the Horse, the year of the Rat was likely difficult on the Goat or Sheep as well. "It can be a challenging year for Sheep because Ox is opposite Sheep in the 12 animal cycle," Levitt explains. "If Sheep cannot create new opportunities and has to perform what might be considered repetitive or mundane tasks, stay with the program, and don’t allow your finances or morale to be low. Instead, it’s time to develop structure, reduce clutter, and stay focused."

9. Monkey

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This year, the Monkey is going to be focused on spiritual evolution. It will entail growth, change, and also discarding habits and things that don't serve us anymore, and people who pull us down. However, the smart Monkey will try to bypass the hard work that the year of the Ox demands. That could cause some roadblocks and it's better to answer the call of the Ox. 

10. Rooster

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The 10th animal in the Chinese zodiac will be focused on regaining its power. They are ready to get down to business and that means putting in all the work necessary to get organized, disciplined, efficient, and responsible. It won't be easy but it's important to keep working at it. 2021 will be all about laying foundations for the future. "You can be happy, triumphant, and recover from the previous Rat year difficulties. You’ll work hard under Ox’s influence, but success is foreseen," said Levitt.

11. Dog

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This is the year where you might feel that you are all over the place. There will be many opportunities coming your way but you will have to be careful about what you pick, and how many you pick. You don't want to stretch yourself thin because, after the hard 2020, 2021 should be about self-care. You have been there for everyone who sought support but it's time to give yourself a break.

12. Pig

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2021 has wonderful mysteries in store for you. You might find love and friendship, wherever you go. You will also be able to go to many places unlike 2020. If you're single, you might find a partner, and if you're married, you might find your relationship blossoming all over again. Unlike other zodiac signs, you don't have to get your nose to the grindstone this year. You will be lucky in whatever you take up.




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