Calling All Chocolate Lovers! We Have Found the Perfect Holiday Destination for You and It's a Chocolate Village

Calling All Chocolate Lovers! We Have Found the Perfect Holiday Destination for You and It's a Chocolate Village

"Forget about weight loss. This is one sin you will not regret committing." It looks like the official website is right!

As you put 2019 behind you (finally) and bring in the new year which holds a lot of excitement, it's time to follow up on those resolutions and make them a reality. And if traveling more is one of those resolutions and you just happen to have a craving for chocolate, well then, we've found the perfect place for you!

The Chocolate Village by the River in Slovenia is absolutely tailor-made for every chocoholic as it includes a dessert café, a spa with chocolate-themed treatments, chocolate tasting sessions (along with some wine for pairing) and a ton of surprises for guests, says Metro UK. And according to the official website, "Forget about weight loss. This is one sin you will not regret committing."


With various luxurious lodges and some absolutely breathtaking views to gaze at whenever you fancy, this place is truly worth a stay. You'll be placed in one of the dreamy treehouses located near the peaceful Drava River, and they're all named after different types of cocoa - Forastero, Criollo and Trinitario. Inside the village, you are plied with a diverse range of treats from chocolate toiletries and dark-brown hued buildings that resemble the decadent treat.


This heavenly village is located in Maribor where the village is, not surprisingly, seated right next to the Teta Frida chocolate factory. This means that you can take multiple tours and find out how the chocolate treats are produced. And of course, you'll get to taste them as well!


Sounds very much like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, doesn't it? Only here, Charlie and the other four children aren't the only ones who get to experience this amazing journey and you can even make your own chocolate.


As if this wasn't brilliant enough, guests can pop into numerous shops to not only buy the local chocolates but indulge in a luxurious chocolate massage and a sauna with a chocolate bath. You can even visit a gourmet wine cellar where you will be taught how to pair the chocolate with the right wines and even enjoy a tasting. And if you want, you can have some chocolate beers and cocktails during your visit.


If your sweet tooth still isn't satisfied, the Teta Frida dessert cafe offers tasty treats including ice creams and - you got it - chocolates. But this isn't the only great thing the village offers. The lodges themselves are quite beautiful complete with bathtubs, flat-screen TVs, free toiletries, ensuite bathrooms, and large beds, and some even come with a kitchenette and microwave. You can find all sorts of chocolate products such as chocolate toothpaste, soaps, and shampoos, to name a few. The minibar is also stocked with drinks featuring the sweet bean.


When it comes to breakfast, you can go continental, to really savor the chocolate later on or take a trip to the wild side by opting for the chocolate version which features items like chocolate cheese and chocolate sausages on the menu, according to The Independent UK.


Of course, there's plenty of time and space to work off all this chocolate too due to the range of walks and cycling routes that are offered. You can even satisfy your sight-seeing urges by visiting local landmarks such as the Maribor Thermal Spa and more. This is a village you really don't want to miss out on. If you're planning a holiday and want to make it truly memorable for your family, then don't forget to add this to your list.




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