Married for 21 Years, Cindy Crawford Says the Key to a Successful Marriage Is Respect | "We Really Listen to Each Other"

Married for 21 Years, Cindy Crawford Says the Key to a Successful Marriage Is Respect | "We Really Listen to Each Other"

“I didn’t just choose the most beautiful girl in the world, I chose the girl that made my world more beautiful," Rande Gerber wrote, wishing his wife on their anniversary.

Cindy Crawford took the world by storm with her beauty and style. Her global success says much of her die-hard spirit and hardworking values. Despite being one of the most successful supermodels, she is a rather simple soul who loves quiet evenings with family.




A lot of hard work goes into creating a successful relationship and supermodel Cindy Crawford and her restaurateur husband, Rande Gerber, have gotten it right. They have been married for 21 years and continue to value and prioritize each other. 

We had a short view of their relationship on their 21st anniversary when Crawford, 53, posted a photo of her kissing her husband on their wedding day. She added the caption, “Happy to be celebrating this day 21 years ago! Happy anniversary @randegerber. Can’t imagine this journey with anyone else. I love you!”


On the same day, Gerber, 57, wished his wife by posting a photo of Crawford sitting on his lap at the beach. “I didn’t just choose the most beautiful girl in the world, I chose the girl that made my world more beautiful. Happy anniversary my Angel!” he said.


Crawford, who was previously married to Richard Gere, tied the knot with Gerber in May 1998. They have two children, models Presley Gerber, 19 and Kaia Gerber, 17.  Their children have followed their footsteps since Crawford and Gerber were both models. Rande is now a businessman and co-founder of the tequila company Casamigos with George Clooney, while Crawford, too, is now a businesswoman. She runs Cindy Crawford Home Furnishings and the company Meaningful Beauty, apart from a clothing line Cindy Crawford C&A, according to Haute Living.


They were friends long before they fell in love and decided to get married, the mutual respect has carried forward into the relationship. “Being rooted and based in friendship, it keeps the relationship elevated,” said she to Huffington Post. “There’s always a certain level of respect. We really listen to each other. I would want that friendship in my life no matter what,” said Cindy.


When you are a couple you have multiple responsibilities like parenting. Whether you make time for each other during it matters a lot whether a relationship will last or break. "Life is stressful and parenting is stressful, but we still make time for each other. We treat each other like friends and that’s great…but I still like looking at him,” said Cindy to Haute Living.


It also helps when your husband is appreciative of you. “I do have the most beautiful wife in the entire world. I look at her now the same way I did when I first met her. I look at her in the morning and see her lying there and I know how lucky I am.” He jokingly adds that that's not true since she is the one who wakes up earlier. “I look at her in the middle of the night and realize how lucky I am," he continues, adding, "We really like being together, we have a good time together. It takes a little bit of work, but if you’re friends first, it makes [marriage] so much easier. We both know what our priorities are and we work really hard."


Even though they have packed schedules, they try to spend as much time with family as possible. "We enjoy spending time together and we also try to have dinner as a family every night," Crawford reveals. "Maybe two nights a week we’re actually out at events, but the rest of the time we are sitting down, having family dinners at home. We have a pretty normal life considering all the craziness around us."


Like any other couple, they have disagreements as well. One she recounts was about when they were trying to decorate their home as newlyweds. "Yeah, that was hard,” Crawford told PEOPLE. “I definitely came from a more traditional aesthetic and he came from more of this, like, contemporary thing. Then when we really had to merge, it was definitely…we didn’t agree on everything,” she said. “And we still don’t!”


Even if they have disagreements, they get past it and actively work towards having a good relationship. “I’ve learned when to give in, and I think he’s learned to give in,” she said. “We push each other, so I think we would both agree that our combined projects are more layered and interesting because they have to make room for both of our aesthetics.”





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