Clint Eastwood Fathered 8 Children With 6 Women | He Didn't Know About His Oldest Child Until She Was 34

Clint Eastwood Fathered 8 Children With 6 Women | He Didn't Know About His Oldest Child Until She Was 34

Clint Eastwood's eldest found him after she went looking for her biological parents. She had been given up for adoption by her birth mother.

Hollywood veteran Clint Eastwood has been a busy man. He has acted in 71 films, has produced 50 films, produced 41, and written numerous soundtracks, according to IMDB. He also fathered eight children with six different women, of which he had been aware of only seven of them for a very long time. Eastwood reportedly had an open marriage with his first wife Maggie Johnson, who just put up with it.

While he was engaged to Johnson, whom he married in 1953, Eastwood had a serious relationship with a woman in Seattle. Eastwood biographer Patrick McGilligan said that the relationship eventually ended and when the woman realized she was pregnant, she gave her daughter, Laurie Murray, up for adoption. Murray was adopted by a couple in Seattle and found out that Eastwood was her father many years later. She wanted to know who her biological parents were and while searching for them, she realized that her father was a Hollywood legend, as per DailyMail.com.


Murray, 66, approached her biological father when she was 34. The father and daughter established a close relationship and love playing golf together. She is a mother-of-two from Lakewood, Washington, around an hour from Seattle.


"This all happened around 30 years ago. Laurie had been really interested in finding out who her real parents were and hired someone to help her. When they found the paperwork, her biological mother had written down Clint Eastwood's name. From what it appeared, Clint Eastwood had no idea that she was even pregnant," said a family friend.

The Dirty Harry actor received the news positively and accepted her into his brood. "I don't think she had the best upbringing, certainly not privileged. When she found her biological parents, she reached out to her mother but she didn't want to be contacted. It obviously came as a great shock to Laurie but I believe that Clint was extremely receptive to her and the situation," added the family friend.


Murray had a good relationship with Eastwood's second wife, Dina Ruiz, and her grandmother, Eastwood's mother, Ruth. He had taken the three women for the 2004 Oscars ceremony when he was nominated for Mystic River. While Murray is his oldest, he has seven other children.

While he was married to Johnson, he had an affair with Rawhide stuntwoman Roxanne Tunis in 1959. This relationship lasted almost a decade and they have a daughter together named Kimber. Born in 1964, she was out of the spotlight until the National Enquirer revealed her identity in 1989, as per Brain-Sharper. Meanwhile, the Gran Torino actor also had kids with wife Johnson.


She gave birth to Kyle in 1968 and Alison four years later. Johnson and he got divorced in 1984 but before that, he was in another serious relationship with actress Sondra Locke. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly did the ugly thing by having Locke terminate two of her pregnancies, she had said in her autobiography. He was also seeing other women during that time.

In the early 1980s, he fathered two children with Jacelyn Reeves, a flight attendant. They have two children, son Scott and daughter Kathryn, whose identities were revealed in 1990 by a media house. Eventually, Locke left him in 1989 and filed a lawsuit for palimony, which was settled only in 1996. As per EOnline, The amount of money he paid her was not disclosed but she said, "I don't have to worry about working--let's put it that way."


He was in a live-in relationship with actress Frances Fisher as well and they have a daughter, Francesca. But, this too didn't last and they broke up only four years after they started dating. After that, he started dating news presenter Dina Ruiz, whom he married. They have an age gap of 45 years. They welcomed daughter, Morgan, together in 1996. Morgan is his youngest child.


In December 2018, all the Eastwood siblings were seen together at the premiere of The Mule, as per Daily Mail. Alison Eastwood, Clint's daughter with first wife Maggie Johnson, wrote about the reunion on Instagram. "I'm not sure there has ever been a picture of all 8 kids together but here it is," she wrote in the caption.


Ruiz and he separated in 2014 and the now 90-year-old is dating 56-year-old Christina Sandera. "He's truly happy with her," an insider said, as per Daily Mail. "She’s fun, easygoing and his kids like her, too."







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