Watch These Colorblind Kids Break down in Joy as They See Color for the First Time with the Help of New Glasses

Watch These Colorblind Kids Break down in Joy as They See Color for the First Time with the Help of New Glasses

It had been their lifelong hope that they'd be able to see all colours some day. And when their dream finally came true, they just couldn't hold in their emotions.

Imagine leading a life, not knowing if the traffic has turned red or green or yellow, or not being able to tell colors apart. We take the colors in our life and our vision for granted but for some, the ability to see colors is a miraculous gift.

Being colorblind doesn't mean seeing the world only in gray. For some, it is a difficulty in being able to tell apart red, green, blue or yellow colors. Not everyone faces the same degree of color blindness either. Some can see them well in good light only while others can't tell between some colors no matter the light conditions. The most severe kind is when someone only sees gray, but this condition is uncommon. 


For 6-year-old Cameron Frink, red and green were missing from his visual palette but thanks to a corrective glass he can now see all the colors. When his mom gave him the glasses for the first time, Cameron was overjoyed. His joy is palpable as he runs around identifying every single color around him. He looks at his little red briefcase and says "Oh my gosh! This is red!"

The Atlanta boy hugged his mother and told he is going to wear those glasses forever. He inherited the color blindness from his maternal grandfather, according to Daily Mail. Most people are born with color blindness but some experience it later in life as well. Cameron was born with it and from a young age, his parents found him struggling with telling the colors apart. "He had no idea what they were until he looked at his red toy case and realized he could see color. He still can't believe how many colors there are," his mother said. 


Another boy, Xavier, 10, from North Carolina, who was diagnosed with a monochromatic color deficiency, puts on the glasses and his immediate reaction is to cry with joy. He couldn't wait to open up the entire package that would literally add color to his life. He sees the red, white and blue of the flag, the colors that make up the emblem of his favorite baseball team, and his favorite things like a baseball and bat. 

"It's impossible to describe how much this moment meant to him and the whole of our family. We all felt like we had just witnessed a miracle, seeing something we'd all hope for, for so long unfolding before our eyes was just unbelievable," his mom said, according to Mirror UK

He was FaceTiming with family as he opened up the present and explored the world around him afterward thanking them for injecting more life to his life. 

The parents of both children are overjoyed at being able to give them something so crucial to the human experience. And, it is amazing that science has progressed enough to be able to solve a problem like colorblindness with a device that can be made to look like a sunglass. 






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