5 Signs Your Soul Is Suffering Emotionally

5 Signs Your Soul Is Suffering Emotionally

You are a strong woman even if you ask others to help you from time to time. There is no shame in saying you are emotionally overwhelmed.

The difficulties we face change us in ways even we don't understand sometimes. They leave battle scars on our mind but people don't have to go through it alone to prove that they are strong. When people start feeling that they are at their wit's end and are constantly tired or stressed or anxious, they should think of seeking professional help. Emotional distress can stem from multiple reasons, including illnesses that affect the body or the mind.

"The presence of anxiety, of a depressive mood or of a conflict within the mind, does not stamp any individual as having a psychological problem because, as a matter of fact, these qualities are indigenous to the species," Charles Goodstein, MD, clinical professor of psychiatry at NYU Medical Center, told Web MD. However, if it is something that afflicts you for weeks or months, you should definitely seek a doctor. 

If you or someone you know is showing the following signs, they could be suffering emotionally: 

1. They are feeling more emotional than usual 

Imagine that tearjerkers never made you cry and suddenly you feel yourself bursting in tears whenever you watch one or even daily life is bringing you to tears. When someone is feeling emotionally vulnerable it is not unusual to feel more sensitive about certain situations. This could be one of the early signs of exhaustion and emotional suffering, Dr. Steve Peters tells The Telegraph.  

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2. They feel purposeless 

Having a sense of purpose gives people hope and meaning, improving self-esteem. The things that drive us and the joy we feel from completing tasks depend on how happy or contended we are in life. When someone is emotionally distressed, they could lose the feeling of experiencing a sense of achievement after completing a task. However, nobody can be pushed into feeling good if they're down. Nobody can be forced to feel that their days have meaning. It has to come from within. Even when people mean well, telling someone who is suffering emotionally, to try something new wouldn't be a healthy solution. 

3. They are isolating themselves 

The person going through a hard time emotionally could be isolating themselves from others by not going out or interacting with their usual circle. They probably stopped accepting invites to any gatherings and in extreme cases, they could have stopped going to work. The idea of talking might make them balk and meanwhile they are stuck inside their mind. They could be having the same negative thoughts over and over again. 

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4. They are angry or anxious a lot 

For many people, with tiredness comes irritability and frustration. Everything feels like a personal shot at them and the anger just bubbles out. They could be snapping at people even if they were not like that or they could be feeling anxious. Perhaps, they are experiencing shortness of breath and palpitations in their chest. They could be shortchanged for patience and it comes out in a more aggressive way than they planned. 

5. They have stopped taking care of themselves 

Not only have they stopped caring for their hygiene but also how they present themselves to others. They have probably stopped caring about their emotional wellbeing as well. Some of the most obvious signs could be stopping taking baths because even something as basic as that feels overwhelming. Just getting out of bed might feel like a big task for those individuals. Their house could be littered and they might be indulging in unhealthy food habits as well. 

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Disclaimer: This article is based on facts collated from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.

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