Forced to Spend Their 67th Anniversary Apart Due to Coronavirus, Man Turns up With Sweetest Message for Wife in Nursing Home

Forced to Spend Their 67th Anniversary Apart Due to Coronavirus, Man Turns up With Sweetest Message for Wife in Nursing Home

In the state of Connecticut, no visitors are being allowed into the nursing home due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The coronavirus outbreak has been difficult for many families across the world. Despite growing health concerns and social distancing, people are finding ways to keep things as normal as possible. Unfortunately, many events including weddings, sports events, and family celebrations had to be canceled in the past couple of weeks. But the human spirit is resilient. And this sweet couple from Connecticut has proven that where there is love, there is always a way. 

Bob Shellard wanted to celebrate his 67th wedding anniversary with his beloved wife, who lived in a nursing home. Being the devoted husband that he is, he made daily visits to spend time with her regularly. But due to restrictions caused by the recent outbreak, he was told by the nursing home staff at Stafford Springs that he will not be able to meet her on their special day. The restrictions were placed due to COVID-19, which places those above the age of 60 in a higher-risk category. Thus, for the first time in 67 years, Bob and Nancy Shellard of Vernon would have to spend their anniversary away from each other. 

Being the charming man that Bob is, this news didn't stop him from coming up with a plan to woo his wife of nearly seven decades. He wanted the love of his life to know how much he loves her. So he got to work and landed up on the street by her window with a homemade sign and some colorful balloons. He held the placard high up in the air for his wife to read, "I've loved you 67 years and still do. Happy Anniversary," according to NBC. If this isn't the cutest gesture, we don't know what is.



His dear wife, perched up by the window in the second floor, was elated. Her joy was palpable as she began waving her arms excitedly and blew kisses from up there to her handsome husband declaring his love from the street.  "It makes me feel bad because I want her down with me, and I know she can’t be," Bob told New England Cable News (NECN). "I wouldn’t want anybody else. I don’t think she could put up with anybody else besides me." 



The family is being restricted from going into the nursing home on this special day.  The governor of Connecticut has banned people from visiting nursing homes for 30 days due to the adverse impact the virus can have on the elderly. 

The couple has four children, and one of them accompanied her father. Daughter Laura told NECN that she and her siblings see their parents as an "inspiration." Thoroughly in awe of them, she said, "I can only hope that I have half as much as what they have shared over the years." She also told the channel that she has learned a lot from her parents and their marriage. 



"It's just been an example for us, for all of us of kids," she said. The sweet couple isn't just an inspiration for their kids but for all of us who have lost trust in old-school romance. "I think just seeing every year go by that they still express it in some way on their anniversary," Laura said. "There's just a sweetness to the two of them and what they share," she added.




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