3 Best Friends of 40 Years Decide to Move in Together so They Won't Be Alone During Quarantine, With a "Supply of Wine" for Company

3 Best Friends of 40 Years Decide to Move in Together so They Won't Be Alone During Quarantine, With a "Supply of Wine" for Company

They've seen each other through a lot in life, including divorces and childbirths, so it seems only natural that they would see each other through a crisis like this.

With government bodies implementing rules to self-isolate and practice social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak, many people are now wondering what they're going to do on their own, especially those who are elderly, who are more at risk of contracting the virus. But not these three elderly women who have decided on a different option. Doreen, Dotty, and Carol, friends for over 40 years, have chosen to spend their self-isolation together, according to CBS News.

The three UK women, all above the age of 70, said that they wanted to become roommates as a way to fight loneliness during self-quarantine. They spoke to BBC Breakfast reporter Jayne McCubbin via video and were seen giggling and waving their hands as they explained their choice. Since each of their houses are similar, they tried to weigh the pros and cons of whose house to stay in. Doreen said, "A week in our own homes in isolation, seven days, and then if we were still fit and well, we would decide which house we'd go live in." Sounds like a real-life Golden Girls episode!

One of the women has a nice back garden, great for exercising, while another has a nice front room, a brilliant feature if they need time and space away from each other. "And I've got Netflix, so we could watch The Crown. So I think I'm the winner," Doreen said. The ladies also revealed that a major need in their "panic-buying" was their wine. "We'll have a supply of wine in," Dotty joked. They even showed Jayne a bottle and glass "for when they've finished [the interview]".

The three women, who are extremely close were ecstatic to have this time together. "Our children have inter-married and we're godparents, aren't we, for the other children," Dotty explained. "We've seen each other through divorces and losses. We go on holiday together... we look after each other."


Though they admitted that they do occasionally fight, they are each other's biggest supporters. They also understand the troubles that others were going through during this tough time. "We feel sorry for those who are going to be out of work. The cafes are closing, the theatres - we should have been at the theatre on Friday. What's going to happen to these people?" said one of them.

However, with regard to those over 70, the UK government is likely to enforce self-isolation, according to BBC. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said that when they do, it will be for "a very long time." It looks like these three women will have plenty of time to take their friendship to the next level.

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