Together for 65 Years, Elderly Couple Held Hands and Died the Same Day Hours Apart | They Were Inseparable Since Their First Date

Together for 65 Years, Elderly Couple Held Hands and Died the Same Day Hours Apart | They Were Inseparable Since Their First Date

Throughout the years, Jack and Harriet did everything together and when it came to leaving the mortal world, they didn't let go of each other this time too!

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She held his hand through every walk of life. For 65 years, she was his better half, closest companion, and above all, his soulmate. So when it was time for one of them to transcend to another world, the other could not stay behind. "For over 65 years they lived together, laughed together, loved together, and passed away together. The perfect ending to the perfect love story," said Jack's obituary. But is it, after all, the end of a love story? Or is the beginning of a new one, in probably another world?

This is the story of Jack and Harriet—the couple whom death couldn't do apart!


The couple's niece Sue Wagener spoke to the Louis Post-Dispatch and revealed how the love story began. They met in 1955 while Jack was driving a family-run charter bus that Harriet happened to be on with her father. On Halloween of that year, they went on their first date.
“They went to a little diner and never separated from that day on,” Wagener told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The couple exchanged vows in 1956, Jack made a living running his father’s V-K Bus Lines company and Harriet brought up their kids and her niece Sue.



According to LPD, they were inseparable and did everything together. Be it mundane chores, cooking dinner for the family, or facing the bigger challenges in life, they never left each other alone. In fact, Jack would even get up before Harriet each morning to make her coffee and wait hours in the car as she went to the hairdresser, according to the outlet.
“You didn’t see Jack unless you saw Harriet,” their longtime friend Wayne Price said. This shows how they weren't just madly in love but also made a great team together. their closeness for each other. For over 65 years, “they lived together almost inseparable,” Jack’s obituary reads, adding that the couple “enjoyed traveling and being with friends and family.”

According to Jack's obituary, the couple spent their final hours side-by-side in Woodlands Nursing Home and Alternative Hospice near St. Louis. The couple was holding hands in their beds before Jack, 86, died at 3:34 a.m. on Jan. 11. Harriet, 83, died later that evening at 11:53 p.m., PEOPLE reported.



“I’m sad. But I know they’re at peace and they’re back together,” Sue told Louis Post-Dispatch. “It truly was a love story for the books.”

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It is not uncommon for couples to promise to be there for each other until the very end. While many fail to manage to keep this, there are a few who don't just deliver but above and beyond it—in this case, quite literally passed on to be with their beloved. It is a shining example for the rest of us to remind ourselves that love is all that matters and the only thing that will remain with us till the end. The couple didn't post every moment of their life on social media, neither did they make loud gestures of love. Some of the greatest loves are often the quietest. As Jack was slipping away from the world, Harriet held his hand and probably prayed to join her beloved and so she did quietly. Some fairy tales come to an end. Some go beyond death. Bless you, Harriet and Jack, and thank you for showing us that true love does exist.