8 Signs That Indicate a Partner Is Emotionally Attached

8 Signs That Indicate a Partner Is Emotionally Attached

25 percent of the American population still have feelings for their first love. This means that an emotional attachment is not quickly broken.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published on April 1, 2022. It has since been updated.

Falling for someone, hard and fast, is not something that happens with every person you date. But when your ideal mate comes along, you just know in your bones that they are The One you've been waiting for all along. The initial attraction is followed by an emotional attachment that comes with time and once that happens, you know they are the real deal.


According to Bustle, 25 percent of the American population still have feelings for their first love. This means that an emotional attachment is not quickly broken. Now, you can have such a connection with someone with whom you are not romantically involved, but in most cases, it is your partner who you love unconditionally. But how would you know if they feel the same way about you? Below mentioned are a few signs that will help you discern this:


1. They introduce you to their close friends 

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Spending all day with someone is one thing, however, if they introduce you to their close pals, it's a huge step. There are many who may feel ashamed to introduce their partners to their inner circle fearing judgment and thus they completely avoid it. However, when you do get to meet his closest friends, you should know that they don't care about what others think or have to say about you because they have made up their minds about you.


2. They  wish to meet your family

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When someone offers to meet their partner's family, you know things are getting serious. Meeting parents often solidifies relationships and establishes just how serious they are about the relationship. It happens when they are thinking about a future that includes you as they are emotionally connected to you and wish your folks to know everything they can about you.


3. They are very comfortable in your presence

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Comfort is an extremely important factor to maintain a healthy relationship. Your partner will stop tiptoeing around you and show their true self only if they are comfortable around you and know that you'll accept them no matter what. This will also encourage them to spend most of their time with you as they don't have to wear a facade. They will be honest with you no matter what.


4. You're a priority for them

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When you're one of the most important people in their life, they will make sure not to let your down. They will make time for you no matter how busy they are because you are a priority for them. Even if it's just a text during a break or a quick call in the day, you know they are extremely attached to you. If you're important, they will also come to you with important life decisions because they trust your opinion.


5. They start sharing your hobbies

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Even if it's something they didn't like doing before like watching dance shows, football games, or chick flicks, they might start doing it just to spend time with you. Seeing your partner enjoy and share details about their favorite shows can be very intriguing. In no time, you might find that your hobbies have become theirs.


6. They don't forget dates that are important

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Say it was your first kiss or your monthly anniversary, they won't forget about it as these milestones are an integral part of your relationship's development. They love celebrating these little things and even small victories because you matter the most to them.

7. They back you whenever you need them to

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When you see them defending you without knowing whether you are right or wrong, it's because they care about you a lot. They can't stand anyone speaking badly about you and will let you know that they have your back no matter what. They trust you and have enough faith in their relationship to know that you wouldn't have done anything that you're being accused of.

8. They respect and love you

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Some emotional attachments can be very unhealthy, especially when your partners depend solely on you for approval, lose their sense of self, and cannot function without you, according to Healthline. It's good as long as your partner respects you and gives you space to be yourself and you do the same for them. If you're not sure whether the relationship is healthy or not, try asking yourself this: Is the relationship the same as it used to be? Is your partner toxic or abusive?

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