Couple’s 8-YO Dog Saves Their 9-Month-Old Baby | The Baby Would Have Died if It Wasn’t for the Dog

Couple’s 8-YO Dog Saves Their 9-Month-Old Baby | The Baby Would Have Died if It Wasn’t for the Dog

Thanks to the dog, they got their daughter back home, alive and healthy.

An 8-year-old Boston Terrier is being hailed a hero after he saved his parents' human child from the brink of death. According to Good Morning America, he alerted his owners that their 9-month-old baby was in need of help.

Jeff and Kelly Dowling of Connecticut said their little one was asleep in the nursery when their dog, named Henry, began acting strange. He repeatedly kept barging into the nursery and waking the baby.

"He was head-butting the door open and going into her room and standing there," Kelly Dowling said. "And every time I shooed him away, he would go back in as soon as my back was turned."

But the good boy never gave up; he was persistent because he knew the little one was in danger. Suspicious of their pet's behavior, they went into the nursery, where they found that their daughter—who had a cold—was having trouble breathing. 



"She wasn't clearing her airway," said Kelly. "She started to turn blue and go rigid and she just really couldn't she couldn't get air, couldn't get any oxygen."

The worried parents then rushed their daughter to the hospital, where doctors were able to clear out her airways.

In an interview with NBC Connecticut, Kelly said Henry typically hides under the couple's bed when scolded. But this time was different. The dog continued to push the nursery door open until Kelly realized her daughter had stopped breathing.

The grateful couple even took to social media to share images of the wonderful moment, grateful to have their little one alive. 



"Last night the dog kept breaking into the nursery and waking the baby. She’s been sick, and I was getting so fed up with him. Until she stopped breathing. We spent the night in the hospital. I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t woken her. We don’t deserve dogs," she wrote. 

In one of the photos she uploaded  from Snapchat, the mother wrote, "He keeps pushing open the baby's door with his battering ram head so he can sniff at her."

They got their daughter back home, alive and healthy, and they couldn't stop showing their first child with lots of love and affection. "We're definitely spoiling the dog a little bit more," said Jeff. "He was allowed to sleep in bed with me last night and he's got a steak in his future."



Added Kelly of the family pet, "He's never done anything quite so heroic before."





Cover Image Source: Twitter | kelly andrew (@KayAyDrew)

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